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Mary Ellen

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It's cool having it fall right after Thanksgiving, because my whole family gets together and we have several other birthdays around the same time (dad and bro on the 18th, brother in law on the 22nd, sister on the 27, and my younger daughter on 12/06). In fact, my whole family still lives in western NY State, so I'm the only one who has to drive; my two girls and I look forward to the trip and to the "chaos and commotion" of a big family.


I just got back and am catching up, so I wanted to acknowledge my friends here --- I really value this gang, and I hope I get to meet more of you in person. I met Marlene, of course, at a Raspberries concert, along with many other posters here. And all it would take to meet a whole new crop of fellow fans would be a solo concert by Eric Carmen, right? That'll do.... 

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Sweet Lew Bundles! I offer you a non-thank-you for your birthday wishes! When will you return with a new series at EC.com? Or maybe get something going with the Sweet gang again? (I'm such a troublemaker....)


And hello to Tommy Tunes. It's been a while.... No phone-mappings lately?

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I got to you in time on facebook, but missed it here! SO SORRY!




Wishing belated birthday wishes to a dear, long-cherished dyed-in-the-wool Raspberries and EC fan from WAY BACK WHEN! YOU were there back in the day and are a true American Original! Love you madly and wish you every blessing all year long!


:)--Love, Dar :heartpump: :heartpump:

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