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Go All The Way - 10th Anniversary LIVE!


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Recorded LIVE at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio 10 years ago today—on November 26, 2004.

With special thanks to Tommy Allen!

Who accepted my challenge when I asked if he would be interested in mixing some songs from Raspberries first reunion show in preparation for this 10th Anniversary celebration! He not only agreed, but threw his heart, mind and soul into the project. This was all done, mind you, in complete secrecy and without any involvement whatsoever from members of the band.

Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim... surprise! :)

Just a little treat for everyone who was there and who wished they could be.

Thanks, Tommy! You did the boys proud!

Ummm... Turn this sucker up. Wow!!!


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Thanks to both Bernie and Tommy for sharing this amazing clip from an amazing night. What a night this was, putting faces to names I had corresponded with on a daily basis and of course, the incredible music we had waited so long to hear live. I still feel that when the drums fired up for "I Wanna Be With You" it was one of the most surreal moments of my life, just seeing people screaming and/or crying and finally, yes, FINALLY, being surrounded by a flock of people who "got" what I "got" when I was a teenager. I remember thinking "is this real?" Thanks again, boys!

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I wish I were a fan for more than 5 years because I missed out on so many Raspberries concerts in the 70's and 00's and I haven't been to any Eric Carmen concerts either but I hope that someday I'll get my chance to see Eric Carmen concerts and Raspberries concerts :):) Tammy Quick :):)

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.......BERNARD!.......thanks to you for being the ultimate Eric Carmen/raspberries archivist, and for including me!!!!!!.......to mix my favorite band was a joy that I can't put into words......the first show is emotionally charged and clearly displays the band firing on all cylinders right outta the gate!......("I wanna be with you" will bring a tear to every fans eye!)................my sincere thanks to you, Bernie!!!!!.........and of course to Eric, Wally, Jim, and Dave!!!!!.........

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