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Raspberries Reunion - 10th Anniversary


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Damn the years fly by!

If I wasn't so technically challenged / ignorant I would have made that first show. I found Bernie's site back in the late '90's and I always assumed that what I saw on the screen was all there was to see. It wasn't until about this time in 2004 that I discovered other parts of his site including the message board, which I joined in December of 2004. Even though I missed the first show, I eventually got to see the band 5 times - I couldn't always afford it, but boy it was worth it!

Thanks for your friendship and all you do Bernie, and of course thanks to Eric, Jim, Wally, and Dave + the fantastic overdubs for memories that will last me a lifetime! :)

Oh, and of course thanks to all of the fellow board members for being nice to "Tim From Wisconsin" - I am proud to call many of you my friends!


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Thank you!!  I also wish I could have been there... I'm sure it is a great memory for those who were there! I'm happy to see it now - even on video,10 years later- they sounded great and how neat was it for them to play together for their children! (Also to go on and play more shows!).



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I recognize Mitch at 2:00 and can see John's purple hat in there a few times.....anyone else? Gina, Harry, Jay and Lisa? I was sitting up in the balcony for this one, so I'm not sure who was down in front. :)  What a fantastic show and a truly wonderful memory. 

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I'm so regretful that I didn't get there... I was back home in western NY State, just four hours from Cleveland, that Thanksgiving and begging one of my sisters to make the drive with me and try to weasel our way in (good thing we didn't go -- without tickets, we wouldn't have gotten in).  

Just... brilliant. And historic. And dammit, this band should be a no-brainer for the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Damn... look at how happy the band was, and listen to how tight. And doesn't Jenn look great? :-) 

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Yes. This video captures the exact moment as the screen—showing the Raspberries pre-concert video—rose to reveal the reunited original Raspberries in all of their glory playing live for the first time in over 30 years. This is the moment. That first chord. That first song. That first verse. This.


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