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Orchestra 88 Project


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Eric- I recently acquired an album by Orchestra 88 on the CAM USA label;  all of the songs are from your BRI catalog- done by this orchestra in a variety of styles- jazz, funk, blues, disco, pop, sometimes all in the same song!  So far, my favorite is their rendition of Boats Against The Current, with a tenor sax carrying the melody.

Do you remember this project?  Did you have any input?  If so, what?  A curious oddity of an album, to say the least!

Here's the track listing:

Side 1-
All By Myself
She Did It
Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Let's Pretend
Boats Against The Current

Side 2-
Nowhere To Hide
Go All The Way
Love Is All That Matters
I Need You

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Good find, B!  I have not yet digitized any of my vinyl- I have an 'old school' turntable that just plays records.  My cd player is an old 'play only' single disc machine.  I guess I need to upgrade my system!  I used to have a dual cassette player for recording that no longer works...shows you how long it's been!  How about if I mail the album to you and you can send it back when you are done?  Kirk

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