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YUK Eating Healthier :(


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Sometimes I think I see the world thru an SNL/Mad Magazine prism..


Let's have some fun with this...


What are some of the downsides of eating healthy.. <_< ?


Most of the Supermarket coupons in the Sunday Paper are for Jeno's Pizza Rolls which at $1.00 off...I frankly find hard to resist.


When I go to Costco...I really pine for the 6lb. bag of Tyson's Frozen Buffalo wings...$8.99...!!!


C'mon...I'm only human...


This tryin' to live a little longer...is killin' me!!! :(

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Hi Ira,


Sorry you are having a tough time. :(


Take it from someone who has to watch her weight for a living...there are ways to eat healthy & live well.


Moderation is a must.  Go ahead & have your pizza rolls or Buffalo wings...just NOT the whole bag at once.

Take out a serving...not 2 or 3, just one.  Prepare it & savor it. 


Personally, one of my downfalls is fresh pineapple. 

Absolutely love it, and it is healthful, but I gotta watch the portions as it is basically liquid sugar.


Try to make smart choices when you go out to a restaurant.

Maybe order the fish, or if you want meat, order a smaller cut.


I recently went to the Cleveland area to see my goddaughter & to celebrate her 23rd birthday and her new home.

She chose a restaurant that had the BEST Dover Sole that I have ever tasted.

My mouth is still watering.  Would go back there in a New York minute!


Try to think of veggies as 3/4 of your meal with your meat/protein as 1/4.


Go ahead & have that occasional burger & fries...just not everyday.


Also, If you like Asian food, there are many healthful choices.


I really enjoy sushi. 

When she was very little, my goddaughter used to call me "Shooshi", as she couldn't quite get the hang of "Susie",

so when we go to a Japanese restaurant she still likes to order sushi for Shooshi. :)


Hey, we all have missteps.


Don't feel guilty if you have a big piece Junior's cheesecake, if you're lucky enough to be in Brooklyn.

Just try to cut down on the calories on the following day.


Hope this helps.


I know that my trainer is going to make me do about 100 extra pull-ups and chin-ups if I don't stay

away from the Halloween candy. 


With love,













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Ha, ha, redd, talking about produce and it not being cheap, thinking nothing in the grocery store is really


affordable any more as the prices have gone sky high!......(( :blink:)).....I've also noticed fairly recently that


banana's go bad with in two days and the fruit is not really juicy and the peaches always seen to be hard


as a rock!.......Holy heck, I'm just wondering what's up with that!........ :huh:........Eat good, yeah right!!!..... :haha:



Love ya redd!....xx.





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This tryin' to live a little longer...is killin' me!!! :(

Haha, Ira - you are SO right :)

Why is it most healthy foods are at least twice the price of snax or carb/fat laden foods? It's quite an expense, trying to eat healthy! Have you shopped the produce aisle lately? Geez....Buy organic?! Would love to, but can't really afford it!

BTW, GREAT topic- great post!


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P.S......Just another foot note to boot, I stopped buying banana's because I found out that those little culprits


flying around in my house called fruit fly's were caused by those banana's .......I also didn't like them


trying to eat my healthy dinner!....... :haha:.........Turn off........





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Nancy & Cheryl,

Well now, we are all on the same page, huh?

Cheryl - 'the girl' is right, organic milk is a better, healthier version. I've tried soy milk, almond milk, etc a while back, was vegan for over a year. Remember my 1st grocery bill (of 'veganism') was triple of what I normally spent. Just back to eating mostly vegs, fish & seafood (as the budget allows)!! Some chicken, if it's on sale...hahaha!

Nancy - geez, don't we sound jaded?!! The word 'affordable' was taken out of the dictionary years ago :) But, it's the truth, right?! Thx for your funny post, love ya too!

redd :)

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Hate to say this to you redd but HOW do you afford the price of chicken any more?......It use to be one


of the choice bought, affordable meats out there! Now it's,  almost up there with the cuts of roast beef and


a good ham...... :blink:.....I buy chicken mostly to put in my chicken Alfredo and I close my eyes and


throw THAT piece of chicken in my cart!.......Discussed really!







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Grilled chicken ceaser salad, redd.........Yum!........By the way.......it's healthy talking and good food!  


Don't think Ira should be appalled because he started the post AND.....it's ALL related!.....Smiles.....Ira!



Think I'll have a V-8........ :)




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Susie et al..


In every joke there is a little truth..


SOMETIMES I wish that Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Chips were the perfect healthy food


I actually have taken care of myself for the last 10 years and at 63 years old hover around 5'10 and 170 lbs.


(Actually I ONLY hover around that weight...my height is pretty constant... :P ).


I do many of the things you suggested Susie...


In reality..ya NEVER say never...but FINALLY the extremes in quantity...(4 slices of pizza...12 inch Subway Subs..Spare rib lo mein...egg roll combination plates) ...don't appeal to me


Once you cross over and live better...the rewards are really worth it..


Susie...one serious question..


Now that the restaurant "Kentucky Fried Chicken" is officially K.F.C. ...


Is it now healthier to eat there ?..I mean the word "Fried"..is like TOTALLY out of the title... :unsure:

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Oh Ira!


I never knew you were such a stud muffin!


Keep up the good work!  Discipline, my friend, discipline.

Write to me any time you are staring down anything dangerous.


You had to say the "K" word...one of my major weaknesses is Original Recipe.



No wonder the parent company is called Yum! Brands.


Fried is the "F" word of the diet conscious, so if it isn't "there" anymore, than the fat must be gone, too?

How's that for twisted logic?


I'm so proud of you my friend!


With love,


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:lol: :lol: :lol:  --- Ira, still the Master of Mirth in my opinion!!


As for "K F C", it is still "Kentucky Fried Chicken", they just don't want you to think about the "Fried" too much.  I prefer the extra crispy KFC, but the preparation at the KFCs haven't been as good as I remembered when I was a lot younger and eating their chicken once in a while, and their pricing is ridiculous, so I tend to try doing it at home instead when I have a craving.


My grandma on my dad's side was a Missouri native, and her cooking was absolutely delicious --- unfortunately, this means all the fat, sugar, and salt at high levels included, which was originally meant for those working on their farms from sun up to sundown in an agricultural community.  That's not me out here in California working in offices and the like, so I learned HOW to cook like that, but it is dangerous so I don't do it often.  :ph34r:



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Susie...I think I am O.K...although the fact that I'm on my 3rd bag of Cheetos may be a REAL Insight into my true state of mind....

But to Cato....

I reluctantly must admit...

In the words of a great "Lost Hit" by the Yardbirds.

"Mister...You're A Better Man Than I"..😂

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