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Your Favorite Beach Boys Song?


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This tune is ALL the more poignant than I understood it to be when it was released...

Brian already vulnerable and probably a little unsteady...already wondering..maybe hoping ..that his adulthood will be o.k. and sad contemplating the passing of youth.

And the final "fade" which I never could hear until seein' their 50th Live Shows..

"It's Kinda Sad"... :(

What's your favorite Beach Boys' song ?


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Dear Ira,


Hope life is treating you well my friend!  :)


I cannot wait to see "Love & Mercy" which Brian personally gave two thumbs up.  We all have so many twists and turns in life, but B.W. has had an amazing share of difficulties and quite a great recent comeback.


Think if you know me at all...GOKs is the BBs' song which touches my heart the most. 




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Cayenne my kindred spirit...How fitting that Carl Wilson...an angelic man with an angelic voice was the singer of God Only Knows!


To quote a GREAT Ad campaIgn..I believe for Miller Beer...


"When It's Right...You Know It".. B)

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This is my pick.  This live version starts off a little slow but builds into utter greatness.  The concert footage starts at the 35 second mark. 


So much going on in this one, - an orgy of vocals & greatness:






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Hi Ira, M.E. & James,


Nice to meet you, Ira, and what a good question you have!


Picking a favorite BB song is tough!  The catalog is so deep that I would say it depends on my mood & activity.


1.  When driving or working on the cars, it's Spirit of America which features, IMHO, one of Brian's best lead vocals. 

     Also like Fun, Fun, Fun & Car Crazy Cutie when I have a wrench in my hand.


2.  When missing or daydreaming about my sweet John, it's a dead heat between God Only Knows, Wouldn't It Be Nice & Darlin'. 

      I listed GOKs, with Carl's fantastic vocals, in Ira's other post on "Cool Lead Vocals". 

      It is a magnificent song, and Brian made the right choice in giving it to Carl.


3.  Goofy mood, Barbara Ann.  There is such silliness & fun in their version.


4.  Artistic mood,  I Can Hear Music.  It is hard to compete with Ms. Ronnie Spector, but the BB's give her a run for the money on this one.  

     LOVE both versions!


5.  Musical mood, Good Vibrations.  It's such a complex song, I love dissecting it in my brain like a puzzle and then putting it back together.  The cello triplets are AMAZING and always make me wish that I had studied cello instead of violin & viola!


Such a GREAT question, Ira!


Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


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Growing up in a household of rowdy brothers, peace was hard to come by on a daily basis (I grew up in a very dysfuntional family with lots of fighting, bickering and arguing) so finding it was a treasure hunt usually "In My Room", so the song of the same name by Brian Wilson was something I related to immediately . . . .




. . . .  and now that I am older, this one plays a close second because I love the melody and the message (Lorrie Morgan is singing WITH the Beach Boys, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! :D   I just picked up her greatest hits CD)---






6  6


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That's almost like asking which child you love most. ;)

Hmmm ... "Good Vibrations" is so complex — it showed the world that the Beach Boys were so much more than a beach group. 

But then there's "God Only Knows" and "Don't Worry Baby," both of which tug at the heartstrings.

I adore "Wouldn't It Be Nice." And "Fun, Fun, Fun" is one of my go-to ... well, FUN songs!


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Prompted by this thread (thanks Ira!..) I just spent 90 minutes youtubing Beach Boys / Brian Wilson music and interviews. It truly IS hard to beat "God Only Knows". 


Here´s a high quality version with Brian and The Corrs...and below that is a brilliant live version from 1976 with Carl singing.  I saw them that year/that tour but don´t remember appreciating this song as I should have.  Carl was born to sing this masterpiece:







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I consider mysel "King Of The Tangents"...(I'm now pausing for well-deserved applause.. B) )..


So I thought I'd pause a moment for a gem...(IMHO)...fom the Beach Boys fallow period..


Even the album title SCREAMS fallow..The L.A. Light Album...( :blink: )..


Anyhow..I always liked this Jardine Gem!!!


Mike would inroduce this by saying Al borrowed intro from "Bock"...


BTW...Miike meant "Bach"... dread to think how he would pronounce "Chanukah"..


Mike's obviously a great singer and not a practicing Jew.. :rolleyes:


Anyway...enjoy Al's "Lady Lynda!



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  • 2 weeks later...

This tune...if I'm not mistaken was huge in Europe...NOT here..( :() ...not sure why..It's a real gem!


This tune...if I'm not mistaken was in part written about leaving Capitol Records as the Hippie Era began and the Beach Boys began Brother Records and an interesting and difficult period in their musical and personal lives...


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