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HAPPY Birthday Tommy Tunes 10/13!

Mary Ellen

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Dear Mr. Tunes,


From what I have seen of you so far, I think you've got some class, so I thought a classic kinda birthday video might be just right to convey best wishes to you ---



Or if you prefer something a little more comedic, there is this rendition by one of my faves, Weird Al Yankovic ---





6  6


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Thank you guys. I haven't been around these parts much the past year since I switched companies at work. I don't even know the first 7 birthday wishers , but they're girls so that's cool. I will have to ask my buddy Lew about you girls. lol. Good to see old friends kiwi, LC, Tim and Marlene remember me. Blackhawk Pat, Lew and Dianed called me. i went to Harry's house for his birthday party (his is a day before mine) saw Kyle Vincent perform there and former moderator Kathy even had a birthday gift for me. I've made some good friendships on this board. Wish the same for you newbies. Thanks again.



P.S. I can't help but remember when I think I broke the record one birthday for like 5 or more pages of birthday wishes but the board was busier then and I was certainly more active, Perhaps next year...

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Replying to the above question:

May I answer this, dear cayenne?!


As you probably know, Cayenne peppers are quite hot & spicy. That, along with a New Orleans background - just put it all together and voila.....

That combination = a quite 'spicy' southern belle!!

C-girl and I joined around the same time & became great friends. I've formed other relationships with some folks here I'm honored to know as well. We understand the posts/members have dropped in numbers since way back when. BUT the newbies are terrific, intelligent, fun loving people. We all share the common bond, the love of great music!

Maybe ya ought to hang out a bit & see for yourself?!


redd :)

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