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susie b

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Hi Tammy, Mary Ellen & Batman!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I am still learning the ropes, so I hope that I am posting properly. Glad you like the photo.

I see that Mary Ellen lives in my favorite US city. You are a lucky lady to live in such a beautiful place. Love just about everything in N.O.! Few other places are so romantic, mysterious, ancient, vivacious & mellow...all at the same time. Great music, architecture, food, spirit & people!!!  N.O. is alive! Someday, I will move there.

I think Mary Ellen's photo perfectly captures the joy of N.O.!!!

I miss the gentility of living in the South...lived in Nashville for 4 years.


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Hi Larry,

Thank you for your kind welcome. Virginia is lovely! I understand why you miss it, but New England has its charm, too. New England is so beautiful this time of year. I've come full circle...the Mid-Atlantic to Tennessee for college, to the Midwest for 30 years, and now back to take care of my elderly father since my mother passed last year.

Mr.Carmen was right; 2013 was the year to fear, and now we have a Brand New Year. Lots of changes, but I view it as a opportunity... the eternal optimist! Glad that I finally took the time to become a member of this site. There are a lot of amazing people here!

Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy all of that gorgeous New England autumn color!!!


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Hi Kiwi,

What a lovely way to say hello! I had to research "Kia Ora" as I never heard the phrase. Thank you for your warm welcome. 

Although I have only been here for a very short time, I am beginning to feel like a family member. Such a great community.

I know very little about New Zealand, but the locations used in  Xena were breathtakingly beautiful.

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Welcome Susie!

I stumbled across this website in June of 2013, it certainly was my lucky day! Have always loved Raspberries since waaay back when and have loved following Eric's brilliant career.

You will enjoy, that's a promise... There are several terrific topics and posts by very intelligent members. Sometimes we hear from Eric, too!

I've made some amazing friends here, some of which I wonder how I got by before without them. We all have that common bond, our love & appreciation of great music!


redd :)

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Hi Redd!

Nice to meet you & thank you for your warm welcome.

Although I have only been here a short time, I understand your feelings about the EC community. It is an eclectic, eccentric, opinionated & loveable bunch.

I haven't been to Hanover in ages, but I always loved visiting Hanover Shoe Farms.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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