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Howdy From Texas


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Was checking out a bunch of Badfinger vids, reading up on their history, & thinking back on all the power pop fans here, & decided to check in w folks here. I used to post a lot in the forum here & hope many or most of the same folks are still around. Lots of you I met at the reunion concert in Cleveland at that magnificent theatre downtown, where the Raspberries KILLED and we all had a great time partying before, during, & after the show (I also caught them in LA @ House of Blues reunion show). Hope everyone's been well & can drop in & say hey! - Austinberries

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Hey, Austinberries! How are you? It's been a while --- we were in the same corner in a lot of the old Cartoon World brawls. It's good to see you posting again (though I've been sort of in and out too, mainly because of work and family scheds). 

The ill-fated Badfinger was great. I didn't dive into their catalog like I did Raspberries' catalog, but their best Beatlesque power-pop played well on the radio.  

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