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Paul Revere Dies at 76


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Paul Revere of 'Paul Revere and The Raiders'
Passes Away At Age 76
Oct 5 2014, 8:13pm CDT | by Jason Brumett, in News     14U News

Paul Revere, the leader of the band "Paul Revere and The Raiders" has passed away at the age of 76.


Roger Hart, manager for the hit 60's and 70's band said he died on Saturday in his home in Garden Valley, Idaho, from cancer.

Paul Revere Dick, became known as "the madman of rock and roll" for his theatrical colonial wardrobe and infectious onstage persona with the band.

"He'd been quiet about it for some time," Hart said. "Treated at the Mayo Clinic, Paul stayed on the road as long as he could, then retired recently back to Idaho, where he and his wife, Sydney, always kept a home."

"From Day 1, we've always been a party band that accidentally had some hit records and accidently got on a hit television series," Revere told The Associated Press in a 2000 interview.

The group started in 1963 with a reboot of the hit song "Louie, Louie" by Richard Berry.  Afterwards they began to produce hits of their own including "Good Thing," "Kicks," and the 1971 hit "Indian Reservation."

Paul Revere and the Raiders served as the house band for the Dick Clark TV show "Where the Action Is" and made an appearance as themselves in the "Batman" TV series starring Adam West.

Revere continued to tour over the last 50-years, staying with the group while they performed for concerts, in front of military troops heading overseas, and for charity benefits.

"I don't want to get into the details but let's just say, it ain't fun," Revere wrote last year of his battle with cancer. "It's been rough getting through the last few shows, but I would do whatever it takes to avoid missing a show. I'm giving it my all, and then some, and the band tells me I've been even more awesome than usual."









WHAT A TROOPER THIS "MADMAN OF ROCK AND ROLL" WAS!!!!  Truly a joyous showman of the first order.  Rest in Peace and comfort and condolences to his family, friends, loved ones and the fans who kept him in demand (me was one of them, had the privilege to see them live in concert).


AnneNR   :D



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I did too.  From the top picture, it looks to me like Mark Lindsey is the guy on the end of the top row, right--from the hair and face!  Isn't he 1/2 Cherokee Native American?  That would leave Paul Revere the guy in the bottom front row center in the hat with the moustache.  Is that it?  I'm only guessing.

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The following is courtesy of Wikipedia ---




The band in 1967.  Front L-R: Paul RevereMike Smith.  Center L-R: Jim ValleyMark Lindsay.  Back: Phil Volk


Website http://www.paulrevereraiders.com


Members    Doug Heath   Ron Foos   Danny Krause   Jamie Revere   Darren Dowler   Tommy Scheckel


Past members   Paul Revere   Mark Lindsay   Robert White   Richard White   William Hibbard   Dick McGarvin   Red Hughes   David Bell   Jerry Labrum   Andrea Loper   Mike "Smitty" Smith   Ross Allemang   Steve West   Dick Walker   Charlie Coe   Drake "Kid" Levin   Mike "Doc" Holliday   Phil "Fang" Volk   Jim "Harpo" Valley   Freddy Weller   Joe Correro, Jr.   Keith Allison   Omar Martinez   Robert Wooley   Blair Hill   Michael Bradley   Carlo Driggs


When you read the band's history noted on Wikipedia, it's hard to keep track of who is in the band at what time, who's left the band, who's returned to the band again, and on it goes.  However, I always liked the lineup of the members shown in the picture above, whom I have highlighted in green in the members listing. 


The Mark Lindsey being "Paul Revere" got cleared up for me on one of the times Dick Clark introduced the individuals on a show.  And yes, Paul Revere always seemed to be the only one to wear the tricorn hat.  And, he has been the only member (I think) who is always in the lineup with few exceptions, up until his passing that is. 


It now looks like Jamie Revere (a son perhaps? not sure) will continue where Paul Revere left off.


I always liked their stage personna, and appreciated the antics when they did them.  I love a good sense of humor.  They made playing music look very fun-loving and enjoyable to do.  Mr. Revere will be missed. :(



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