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Shaun Cassidy CD's

Matthew C. Clark

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When I bought the self-titled CD, the song that closes the CD, "Be My Baby" ends with 10 seconds of silence!!  I thought that there was a hidden bonus track. On the "Born Late" CD, the song "Audrey" ends with 18 seconds of silence & then the song "Hey Deanie" (written by Eric Carmen) comes in.  I also had to replace the "Under Wraps" CD because there was static!!   The song "Hey Deanie" ends with 5 seconds of silence on the CD (instead of the original album because the song starts on time) with the remake of The Rascals "A Girl Like You". When I got the "Under Wraps" on 8 track back on Christmas of 1978, the song "Lie To Me" (program 3) ends with between 25 to 30 seconds of silence. Then the song "One More Night Of Your Love" starts.   Matt   

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I don't tell everyone,but, I like his song Teen Dream. Great opening chords and cow bell. The whole songs drives very nicely. If it wasn't for that title it could have crossed over ages. He had a great voice as did David and they could afford and attract any studio musicians for the recording.

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