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The Quick


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I was looking for something last night on YouTube (I don't remember what), and I fell into the coolest rabbit hole!

Inside were all these nifty EC tunes that I've never seen pop up on a cursory search of "Eric Carmen" or "Raspberries." Among them were The Quick's "Ain't Nothin' Gonna Stop Me" and "Southern Comfort."

That led me to wonder: Is there a photo of The Quick out there? I searched on EC.com and couldn't find anything. Googling "The Quick" brings up a few Eric photos and another band called The Quick. So I tried "The Quick Eric Carmen." Got LOTS of Eric photos, plenty of Raspberries pics, a shot of The Cyrus Erie here and there — and Wendy's and James' photos they use here on the forum. But no The Quick.

I know they were a band for about five minutes, but did anyone happen to snap a picture during that time? I'd love to see it.


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Okay, here is a bit of fun nostalgia for Eric and Cyrus Erie... :)

Electric Circus add re CE.png

This is an ad for CE's appearance at The Electric Circus in NY. 

The print at the bottom is super small on the upload so here's the rundown:

The Electric Circus — NYC, East Village: 1969

6/12/69 issue. "Suddenly, you're dancing. (Fast!)...(The magic's in the music.) Appearing thru June 15, Far Cry. June 17-22, Cyrus Erie. Come. (Stoned)."

Add for The Electric Circus NYC.png

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Well, not new information after all :(

Even though the booking says "Cyrus Erie," by May 1969, that group had disbanded and Eric formed The Quick. Eric confirms that The Quick played Electric Circus NOT Cyrus Erie. I can imagine the mistake first time around, but when they returned? Seems weird to get the band's name wrong even AFTER they played.

So there you have it. Would have been cool to think Cyrus Erie played gigs in New York City, but they only came to record their single.


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