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Prayers for our Teresa Please

Mary Ellen

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Hey! Teresa !!!  So glad to hear you are past the surgery phase and seem to be in good spirits. ^_^


Been praying for you nonstop.  And, contrary to what the docs may say --- DON'T EAT THE JELLO!!!  It's all SUGAR and gelatin, and while gelatin may help with bone mending, calcium, etc., any sugar inflames the tissues, making it difficult for the body to heal especially after voluntarily wounding oneself in a surgical procedure.  Find some really good non-processed foods that will help you heal that you can handle and that will boost your immune system for successful recovery and fighting the enemy.


Watch a lot of comedy, too.  Genuine laughter releases good endorphins in your body and helps healing.  More than one person has overcome harmful body maladies with comedy movies in their arsenal of things for post-surgical recovery.


Much love, the peace of the Lord, and His continued blessings on you and your household. :)



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Due to be in surgery once again, under slightly better circumstances, but still this has to be difficult to prepare mentally for and to keep your faith positive.


I haven't forgotten about you Teresa, and you can be certain Yeshua is with you through this, and I will be praying that you feel Him close with His arms around you, ready to carry you when you want to lean on someone stronger than yourself.  I pray that the total peace of our Lord glows within you and radiates to the doctors and nurses who will be in attendance to you.


I pray that the Lord guide the doctors and nurses to do their best for you.  Be still, and know that you are loved.  Everything will turn out okay, and you will get that mini vacation you spoke of earlier! :D


God bless you and keep you dear Teresa.  AMEN




6  6


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