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Prayers for our Teresa Please

Mary Ellen

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You are in my thoughts and prayers. And I do believe in prayer power and that it can heal. You might have to put the renovations on the back burner for a little whille. Take care of yourself. You are a creative and caring person who I am honored to have as a friend.

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Dearest Teresa, you have such a resilient, give-no-quarter, hang-in-there personality and spirit to you !!


I think of "Year of the Cat" when I think of Cayennegirl.  And now for you, after hearing about your current difficulty, instantly brought to mind a song I believe after getting to know you fits you very well.  It is very hopeful sounding to me, and I hope you don't mind that I associate "Ready For The Times To Get Better" when I think of you ..... done by the very lovely Crystal Gayle (Loretta Lyinn's baby sister) -----



I don't know of anyone of my acquaintance that has come through everything life had in store for you with your strength and courage and vivacity for life.  I am praying for you girl !!  May God give you His peace, blessings, and healing for whatever lies ahead of you.  And may Yeshua cradle you in His arms, and carry you with His love for those times when you don't think you have it in you to go forward. 


AnneNR :rolleyes:

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I am sending you all a virtual "hug" as I embrace all of your wonderful words of kindness and encouragement.  I keep telling myself that which tries to bring me down, and all the challenges that I have had to face, will only make me stronger.  Even though we have never met in person, I feel a connection here.  I haven't even told my kids yet, I can only imagine the expression on their faces when I do and that is going to tear out my heart.  I know I have to be strong, not just for myself, but for them as well. 


I have endured so many battles over the past several years, I guess I am a warrior, yes...I can do this, I am a fighter, I am a survivor, and I'm not going anywhere yet! 


Hugs bugs,

Teresa xo

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The waiting for the results is the toughest part.  I´ve been through it.  When you get the results you either get good news, or  you get news that you have a challenge...if it´s the latter at least you know what you are dealing with and are able to gear up and go to war.


I´m praying for you,.... for GOOD news!..





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Sharing some more love Teresa....My prayers and positive thoughts are still with you my Canadian friend!


Feel better soon and here's to a healthy doctor's report!......P.S.....Strength in numbers!.......I admire your


strong spirit!....... :)






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