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Scott Shannon Dart Board


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Eric, do you remember the story behind this?  Funny stuff!  This is from forgottenhits60'sblogspot.nl  The actual dart throwing scene is at the 4:08 mark-

"Scott Shannon tells the story about the time that Eric Carmen invited him to be in his new music video.  (This was back during Scott's VeeJay Days at VH-1).  Once all the details were worked out and Scott realized the logistics of sorting all this out in order to make the video shoot, he politely bowed out saying that it just didn't make sense for him to do it.  Carmen (not so) graciously accepted Shannon's decision and cast someone else as the deejay in the clip.  But watch closely at the end of the video ... where you'll find a giant Scott Shannon poster that is soon the target of several darts being throw at it during the fade out of the song!  (Paybacks are a bitch!)  Funny stuff from two real pros.  (Gotta love it!)"

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