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Thanks, Everyone!

Eric Carmen

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I called the Ad agency and they are going to let me know when this contest ends.  Swear I've been voting every hour on the hour for days and days.  Of course I will keep it up, but we want to make sure we stay at #1 and if there is an end to this contest where we can STAY #1

This is for YOU Eric.  M.E.

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On 8/18/2014 at 0:34 PM, stacymom2 said:

I don't think this contest will ever end Cayennegirl, it's like the everlasting gobstopper that Williy Wonka hands out. There's no end it sight.

It's not a contest - It's a "Reader's Poll". I don't believe there will be a prize at the end, but it's always cool to see the fans get together and send a Raspberries song to #1! :)  Eric / Raspberries fans rule!

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