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My company had its 1 year birthday Friday.  We celebrated with a cake and pizza...it was kind of a big deal as my employees are really proud of  their company and what we´ve created so far.  We have a  long way to go but the company is ahead of where I projected it to be.


And the truth is.....( I don´t give false compliments )....we would be light years behind where we are if it were not for these 3 (see below pic).  They have to be the 3 best people in Panamá.  When I think of how lucky I was to find quality people like this, I realize that someone (God)  is watching over me. 


Left to right, Kelvin, Irene and Rosa (with Cato dog!..)


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Thanks you guys.  My company (Fostrian Apoyo Financiera) is a provider of small loans (average loan is $9000) to the underdogs ,...our rates are accordingly expensive.  Our customers take the money we lend and use this money to derive more benefits to themselves than what they pay us in interest.  This is how it was planned and how it is working in practice.   Everybody wins:  Panamá, our customers, my employees, me.


I came down here 2 years ago by myself and started this thing from scratch.  Just me.   Most thought I was crazy. I thought I was crazy.  The challenges have been greater than I foresaw, but my luck has also been greater than I foresaw so the business is actually ahead of where I projected it to be a this point in time.


We are working really hard and doing some really good work for our customers. My employees have bought in to the pro-client culture.... not only bought in but have added to it.  My guess is that there is not another lender out there that cares about its customers to the level we do.  I´m really proud of what we are doing. 


Doing some good and hoping to make some money.  We´re on pace.


Thanks again,



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Thanks Paper...but in truth it is way to early to take any bows.  We have a long way to go and there are a ton of hurdles to overcome.  But so far so good.  Thanks again.


P.S.  We´d love to hear about your newspaper editing gig.  That sounds fascinating, seriously.



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Thought I´d share a neat Christmas tidbit.  Today Rosa (see above photo), who I hired earlier in the year to work for my company....today she gave myself and the 2 others that work with us a typed up note she wrote in Christmas font.


Rosa is 20 years old, very mature and very serious and doesn´t talk sweet so easily, but she is as true blue as they come and she is a gift from God to me and my company.  She lost her brother to a work accident in August, it was pretty traumatic at the office as she was informed of his death while we were all there together working. 


Anyway, she wrote about how hiring on at the company, ...her new family (us)...the Fostrian family ...how all this made 2015 a very special year for her.  She thanked us for investing in her etc, having pacience..(it´s ME who should be thanking her for having pacience with me!..)  :-)  etc etc etc.


It may be the best Christmas gift I ever received.  Hard to explain, but it really nailed the true spirit of Christmas for me, or something.  Talk about making it all worth it ! ...


Thought I´d share with some fellow good-hearted Gringos (you guys).


Merry Christmas !..



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