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"Awesome Mix Vol. 1" is #1 on Billboard!


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You guys are not gonna believe this, but I went into a local Rasputin Records store today, and the minute I went up to door security for them to check my tote bag, the opening guitar chords started up LOUD AND CLEAR over the store speaker system for "Go All The Way"!!!!   What a way to welcome a customer into a music store!  I remarked to the security guys that it was great to hear THE RASPBERRIES' song "GO ALL THE WAY", and that ERIC CARMEN is a great lead vocal for the band.  (These guys were kinda young --- in their 20s maybe --- so I wanted to make certain they KNEW what they were listening to! )

The other song selections from the soundtrack played the whole time I was in the store.  This was such a great shopping day!


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A Facebook friend posted yesterday that she went to see "Guardians," but it wasn't her cup of tea.

"But the music was awesome, right?" I posted.

"Yes," she replied. "I said I'd love to have a soundtrack."

So ... well ... I kind of linked her to Amazon. Hope she bought it. 


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