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"Awesome Mix Vol. 1" is #1 on Billboard!


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Selling 103,199 copies in its second week (an 81% jump from last), the :"Guardians of the Galaxy, Awesome Mix Vol. 1" soundtrack album will be the top selling album in America on Billboard's chart tomorrow.
Raspberries has a song on the #1 album. Wow!!! Absolutely, positively, irrefutably, incredible—but true:
Raspberries finally got to "Go All The Way!:"
PS: What year is it?!?
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This may sound like a really dumb question, but I am curious about the process  ----  since the "album" has multiple artists, not just one, how does the getting the "gold" album thing work?   Everybody from every group/artist on the album up on stage at one time?  Notified individually?  Only the ones (songs) getting the most play time on radio pushing it to number #1 get the recognition?  I've always wondered in the past how a multiple artist album is handled when it sells so much.  How does that work??


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That's OK. The number one and number three spot were both "debuts." Usually, there is a major drop off the following week. We could go back to number one, next week unless there's another major debut, by a different artist. 

In any case, there are now over 300,000 people who have a new CD with "Go All The Way" on it, and my guess is, a whole bunch of them are in their teens and 20's! Good stuff!

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