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I'm Back...Again


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It's been a long time since I have posted here but a number of folk have been saying they miss me. Can't think why. One of the reasons I have logged in is to say thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts, prayers and concern for me (and Kiwi) following my recent event with a person who thought they could steal money from me. I am doing fairly well now and feel I am just about back to normal. (I think that's a good thing!!!!!) 

Something I have learned from this has been how wide is the impact of such an incident. Sure it affects me, it certainly affected Kiwi, but the impact on my children, grand children, staff at the hospital and even the community has been significant. Because of that it takes a lot longer to put it behind me as many very caring people still ask how I'm doing. 

If I was to identify one thing from this it is my hope that from what I have experienced and seen Kiwi go through I will offer better support to families of patients who have a loved one in our Emergency Department being treated following injuries due to trauma or even Cardiac and stroke patients. The look on Kiwi's face when she arrived in ED the day I was attacked told me just how hard it was for her to have received the phone call. I think that was something I hadn't really taken into account until that moment.

Anyway... it's time to live on and enjoy the music.


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Abba Yahweh is so good, fervent prayers have been answered by Him put forth by more people than you will probably ever know.  Anyone who has read about your story and has any amount of compassion will have spoken to the Almighty on your behalf.  It is so good to hear that you and the Mrs. are doing well, so often many who pray for someone they don't know personally may never hear the results of their talking to God.  It is not required that one who prays knows the outcome, we are simply told to pray and have faith.  This is one time I get to know the results.

Thank you so much for sharing and keeping in touch.  May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you HIS shalom.  Amen.


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Nice to see you back Muzza...But I need to bring you up to date on things you may have missed here...

The Raspberries got back together and did a quick whirlwind tour of New Zealand...Too bad you missed it...

Eric has a song on a Wendy's commercial AND has written a new song that is also used in another tv commercial...Unfortunately, they used the Weird Al Yankovic version of "Brand New Rear" and featured it for a botox product...

Raspberries have their song"Go All The Way" featured in a new movie called Guardians Of The Galaxy..It seems that the director, James Gunn, has been a life long EC fan  and actually has posted on this board under a fake name(James Gun) just to keep his identity a secret...This got me thinking: are there any other celebs that are closet ec fans?...The answer is YES...As I poured through the "members": list here, I found the following(with "posting name")...

Legendary actor...Humphrey Go-cart 

Legendary comedians...Bob Dope and Ellen Degenerate

Singer/songwriter...Paul Ankles

Russian Premier...Vladimir Gluten...(Its interesting to note that it is not Gluten free, because nothing is free with Vladimir)...

Eric yelled at Marvin for the 30th time and Marvin quit for the 30th time...

Some other things you may have missed...Tommy Tunes has grown hair(Check with him-maybe it will help)..

Angelina's wife filed for a divorce...It seems that she resents having a husband prettier than her...

James may be on the verge of adjusting his "harem" age requirement to under 102...It seems that the under 19 year old thing took a turn for the worse when his latest membership drive at Chuck E Cheese came up empty...

AndieMae finally, took a bad selfie...


Funny posts by Tony Cartmill...There were none...

Notable posts by our newbies...There were none...

No WAB's...(Weekend At Bernie's, although there was a Weekend at Bundles where the only 2 guests that showed up were a guy doing community service and another guy on a work release program...My old friends, the octogenarian stripper duo Dusty Vagina and Rusty Peters performed...

And the one really big thing that you realized that a scientist has discovered that a knock on the noggin can help a person remember the password to their favorite internet site...

Stay awhile Murray...we love you here...

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And with all this going on...Kiwi and Muzza still took the time to send me (and Mom) a card when they heard my Mom had 2 seizures. That folks...is a prime example of good friends, even if we're 1000's of miles apart.

So happy you're doing well, Muz. Be careful with the pepper. ;)

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