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Guardians of the Galaxy ST #3 on Billboard


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Petty Earns First #1 Album Bow, Showing—With Clapton, Guardians—Power of Classic Rock, Pop 
Reprise's Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers celebrate their first album to debut at #1 on the HITS Building Album Sales Chart after 38 years. The classic rock staple raked in a whopping 126k for their 13th studio album, Hypnotic Eye. The large bow was powered by a Ticketmaster ticket bundle; approximately half of Eye's sales come from ticket purchases for their current tour.
Eric Clapton's J.J. Cale tribute on Bushbranch/Surfdog, featuring friends Petty, Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler and John Mayer, debuted in the #2 spot with 59k. What year is it again? We've apparently smoked so much weed that we've traveled back to the late '70s. Hey, it's nice here.
Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy ST, a self-titled Mix Tape of pop and rock chestnuts, materializes at #3 with a 57k bow following the blockbuster film's $94m opening.
HITS Daily Double, August 5, 2014
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Same industry website with an eye toward next week:

Two Hit Comps, One From Earth and One From the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy, Vie for #1 Next Week 

Now 51 is the top debut this week and has an early edge in the race for next week's #1 album.
But we're keeping a close eye on Disney's currently charting Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, which will bow in the Top 5 very shortly and which has already blown away initial expectations. If sales grow as they could this week, the film's retro-pop Awesome Mix may take the top spot from Sony's first Now compilation (this time via Legacy) since Now 32 debuted at #5 in November of 2009.
Invariably, one or another anthology of established hits will rule, whether it's hits like "Rude" and "Stay With Me" or hits like "Spirit in the Sky" and "Fooled Around and Fell in Love."
HITS Daily Double, August 5, 2014
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Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is available now on Amazon in two versions. The complete soundtrack on CD is around $16 Bat-bucks, and the Awesome Mix Vol. 1 CD is around $10. Bat-bucks.

The 2-disc vinyl version of the complete soundtrack will be released on 9/16/14 for around $18. Bat-bucks.

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Just got back - the sequence connected to GATW was just perfect. It boomed loud and clear throughout the theater - sent chills down my spine. It's the summer of 2014, that's 2014, and it emerges again. That' says a lot about the song. You will have to sit through a very long credit roll before you get to GATW. Credited the performance to "Raspberries" without a "the". The movie was pretty good too.

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Good deeds rewarded!!!!

Was running errands for my dad today, and this is what happened...I was walking back to the car and glanced across the street to one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall, old school, mostly vinyl, record shops. I was deciding whether or not I had time to pop inside for a few minutes.

The door was wide open & the luscious vocals of The Dells singing, Oh What A Night, were wafting across the parking lot. The instant I made the decision to walk over, an album cover caught my eye through the open door from about 50 feet away...Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Vinyl Edition was front & center on the New Arrivals rack!

Paul said they had just been delivered an hour before, so I got the first one, and of course we had our regular discussion on how vinyl is the medium on which these songs are meant to be played. I'm so happy! 

Love that I got the album. Love that I got it on vinyl. Love to support Eric's climb up the charts. Love that I got to support a small independent business.

It's a win, win, win, win.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!


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