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Vote for "Go All The Way"

Ron Sutton

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"Raspberries", "Go All The Way" is currently NOW standing at number three on the poll.......Hell YEAH! Please keep on voting AND showing your support....AND remember you CAN vote once every hour so.......lets make this happen!..... :)


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You can vote every hour, just so everyone knows. I have probably voted about 75 times already on this. I am waiting for the Guardians people to show up at my door and say "we get it, you like GATW, enough." But, I am willing to take that chance. All the way up to number two right now. Get voting, people!

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I've looked, Bernie, and I don't see a deadline. (Now that I've said that, it's probably been staring me in the face the whole time.)

The staff is probably growing tired of me yelling, "VOTE!" at them every so often. (I know The Girl is. :D ) But I think I'm creating a new fan or two — they're going on to listen to "GATW," and one said she simply can't believe the guy who rocks it is THE SAME GUY who sweetly sings "ABM." 


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