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Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Happy Birthday Wishes to my favorite musician! I grew up listening to my parent's Raspberries and Eric Carmen albums. Through the years I acquired my own collection of your music. Amazing voice, melodies, and lyrics! I have seen you in concert over the years and still enjoy watching your performances on You Tube. The Essential Eric Carmen is an awesome gift to your fans! Thanks for the liner notes. Brilliant musician! Looking forward to an upcoming concert.

All the best to you and yours,


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Hey Eric,

This is WWAAayyyyyyyy late, But . . . I thought about you on your birthday :unsure:


So . . .

I hope the beginning of your sixty-sixth year on planet Earth was !S*p*E*c*T*a*C*u*L*a*R! {leastwise, happy } :) ! ! !

In a MANNER of speaking: "Happy New !YOUR! Year" :rolleyes:





 [i am just glad to be able to get back on the site. Months of computer malfunctions and life getting in the way things. . .]

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Chanel high school raspberries dance 1971?  You have to remember me. I was in the back listening and watching.  I’ve never been a dancer.  You guys were a lot of fun. Btw Chanel is gone. RIP

God bless you sir. Thanks for the great music. Happy birthday. 

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