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Happy Birthday, Eric!


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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIC!                                 :birthday:       :birthday:       :birthday:    


I've always told you "the best is yet to come," and it looks like it's raining an avalanche of success on you!

Sending BIG congratulations on all you've achieved this year and birthday wishes for love, joy, peace, happiness and all the success in the world, because you truly deserve it all.  Your music has been an inspiration throughout my life and it always will be, so I'm sending these wishes in complete gratitude.  


Your musical gifts are world class, your talent legendary, and genius will always eventually  be given the honor and accolades it rightly deserves so-----------------hold on! INDEED, the very best is yet to come!  



:) - :heartpump:   Love, Dar

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I'd like to celebrate the anniversary of your birth by saying: I am ever so grateful that you were born 65 years ago tomorrow, August 11.


Your music has been the soundtrack to my life. Especially my cherished "Boats Against the Current." Oh my, what that song means to me and the transcendent loving of my First Love from college. Decades ago, through time, and still now.


I am glad you and your music are recognized and rewarded--culturally, commercially, financially, materially. But please remember: your music is, at its essence, spiritual. It inspires. It touches souls. It impacts lives.


This world needed you on August 11, 1949. And still does. Your work matters. Your life matters. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you.


And, hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful birthday day together.  



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Happy birthday, E.


   On the Live on Sunset Strip CD, you introduce Overnight Sensation with the story of you having a transistor radio under your pillow, waiting for your favorite artists' new songs to come on. Nine years later, that was me with the transistor radio, only I was waiting for Raspberries songs to come on!


   One time way back when I was playing in a rock band (back around '82), my old high school band director showed up for one of our gigs. He asked me how I learned to sing so "convincingly" - it was from consciously studying and imitating guys like you.


   I'm a lot older now (I stopped playing in bands long ago) and my tastes have changed over the years, but your music remains very important to me, and it always will be.



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Happy Birthday Eric!!  Man...are you EVER on a roll!  Great year for you with lots of exciting things happening....Here's to enjoying your birthday and continued professional successes.  Your music has not only brought me joy, but finding this community has brought me many new friends :heartpump: ...and its all because of you (and Bernie...Hail to the Chief here...)


:birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:   Jean

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:heartpump:Happy Birthday  my LOVE :heartpump:  , my only one and SWEET ADDICTION !!!!!

I enjoy   watching  You     and    listening Your Songs every day.

You are Part of my World and I am HAPPY about it.

For sure, YOU makes this World better.

And, yes, I wish You everything, what YOU wish to YOURSELF !!!!!! :)


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Happy Birthday, Eric.The brand new year just keeps getting better and better for you! I was a 12 year old girl back in 1970 when I met you. I am sure after all these years you do not remember what I said to you. Before I left I told you to "never give up on your beautiful music". I am sure glad you did not. I hope you have the best birthday.

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