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Happy Birthday, Eric!

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What a year you’ve had! New song. New “Best Of” Collection. Your songs in commercials and on TV shows. Your song in one of the most talked about viral videos. Your song in one of the biggest summer blockbuster movies of all-time. Wow! Time to take a deep breath and take it all in. Wishing you a VERY Happy Birthday, my friend! Here’s to continued success! Put your feet up and savor the moment… you deserve all of it and more.



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Dear Mr. Carmen,


I am so happy you are still with us, YAY!  One more year the Lord has blessed you with.  May the Lord show you a very good time today and cover you and yours with His loving care.


I was wondering, since the Beatles managed to come up with a different "Birthday" song, do you have it in your gifts to create another birthday song?? 


( I was just listening to the "Yellow Submarine" CD the other day and was thinking about such things, as I was pondering Paul McCartney singing "Sixty-Four".  Such a far off thought for such a young writer at the time, and one of my favorite Beatle tunes.)




6  6


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Happy, happy birthday, Eric! I could not be more thrilled that you're getting the recognition you so richly deserve. 

Hope you have a truly special day that's filled with love and wonderful surprises. 


P.S. Thank you for keeping me out of the unemployment line and jail. Your music has been a calming influence in the midst of a sea of upheaval and uncertainty. Thank you for your magnificent talents and gifts that have given so many of us joy and inner peace.

Now go celebrate you! 

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Eric...I wish you a very happy birthday...and many, many more to come...in good health, happiness, and prosperity.


May you continue to treat your loyal fans with new expressions of your wonderful musical talent.


"Holy Hit-Record Batman!!!  EricCarmen just released a new album!!!!  (Quote attributed to Robin, the Boy Wonder)

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Happy Birthday, Eric!   You're one of the best singers in popular music, and you have been for many years now.  I hope your career brings you even more recognition for your talents as time goes by.  I'd also hope that you'd be nominated and inducted as an artist into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one day.  You're the best.

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I'd also hope that you'd be nominated and inducted as an artist into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one day.


Ditto on the Hall of Fame. The Raspberries and Boston not being in it = travesty!


Oh, and Happy Birthday. :)

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Yes, what a year. And if you hadn't written that song, now in the GOTG movie.

Everyone can celebrate with a cake, including all the songs in the movie.


Green Day plans to release three albums: Sept. 25th, Nov. 13th, and Jan 15th.

The first one with a power-pop song.

Weird Al Yankovic, who is a fan of everyone he parodies got a first: Number one comedy album in 51 years, on Billboard.

New sensation, 5 Seconds of Summer, signed with Capital Records.

Number one, in 71 countries, on iTunes.

And actor Christopher Walken will portray a tap-dancing pirate, in a TV series.

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Dear friend Larisa,

Thank you for sharing your creative imagination (not to mention hard work) that went into making this video greeting. It is so beautiful, not to mention quite personalized. It is just as thrilling as I remember the 'sneak peek' to be! I'm looking forward to watching this again and again.

Your tech skills are 1st rate - not to mention everything you do comes from the heart <3 C-girl and I are honored to be a part of this. I thought it was hard to top your 'Sunrise' video......

With love and appreciation,

redd :)

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