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I sent a note to James Gunn, the brilliant writer and director Of "Guardians Of The Galaxy" thanking him for including my song in the film and on the soundtrack. He had previously used "It Hurts Too Much" in his film, "Super."

Here is his return reply:

"Wow!! I am beyond a huge fan of your work, Eric - as you might imagine by my use of your songs. You are more than welcome. Glad to turn more people onto your music!"

Life is cool!


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That's really cool. I look forward to seeing the movie.  It's always a nice surprise when you find out someone really likes Eric Carmen music, but then again it doesn't surprise me so much he is a big fan.  Quality people seem to catch on to Eric Carmen music pretty easily.  I met up with an old friend, a great guy,  a couple years ago after many years with no contact.  He had become a HUGE Eric Carmen fan since I last saw him in high school.  Another guy, (a very talented Christian dude on the Columbus, Ohio music scene) who I had dinner with about 3 years ago told me he was a big fan ...he knew the music so we talked Eric Carmen music for a good while.  My college gang (really good guys, east coast Springsteen lovers) used to razz me for liking RUSH and some other groups.  But they  respected Eric Carmen and his work with The Raspberries. I remember Richard Roeper (the Chicago movie critic and overall media personality dude) saying on radio or in the newspaper that "Overnight Sensation" was possibly the greatest pop song ever.


Anyway, that IS really cool Eric ! ..


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I like that Mr. Carmen seems so pleased that someone in "high places" -- as bernie puts it -- turns out to be a huge fan of his music.

The more humble celebrities never play it off like it is their "due" for other celebrities to appreciate them.  Mr. Carmen is just like the rest of us, surprised and pleased at receiving such praise and appreciation from others who are very visible in the public eye. 

Unaffected, down to earth personality, Mr. Carmen is truly a refreshing difference from the negative public figures with their heads blown up to the size of basketballs and expecting everyone around them to scrape and bow at their feet.  Just an honest, straight forward artist wanting to share his gifts with others who care to listen.  Who could possibly NOT like Eric Carmen AND his music??

AnneNR  :)

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James Gunn and Marvel certainly chose some great songs for their soundtrack.  I'm glad that there are so many fans in so many places.  A school friend of mine, at a reunion, who was a songwriter in the music industry, talked about Eric Carmen when he discussed his songwriting start and then his 80s hits.  He must have talked for five minutes, but I would have thought it was fifteen minutes.  He didn't say much, but he did mention Eric Carmen and his songwriting, and spoke of him with regard.

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