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Almost Paradise

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Gosh, James, DON'T FAINT -- (Cayennegirl, where's you're fainting couch, just in case ?!) -- BUT I AGREE WITH YOU.


However, one can't ignore the times and the reality that exists.  I too would prefer Mr. Carmen's music be associated with items of more substance (the Bachelor definitely isn't), but hey, even if the movie doesn't work out that well, I honestly think the sound track is absolutely wonderful.


So, if anyone else doesn't care for the movie or the commercials, or the superficial reality show, getting more exposure in the less than ideal way may mean others will search out Eric Carmen's music once they get the "one song" light go off in their head --- like I did this past March that got me started looking for more Eric Carmen music after seeing that long ago show clip from the then forward-thinking Mike Douglas. . . .  at least this is my hope.  :)


Perhaps they will find out about "The Essential Eric Carmen"  . . . . 




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If Eric signs off on it, I'm going to celebrate with him!  You might not dig Weird Al...until he does a parody one of your songs and it goes to #1...all of a sudden, it's "Oh Yea!  Weird Al rocks!!"  If the art is hip, you must not quip :D

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Save room for the Holy Ghost? Is that a Catholic thing, Wendy? ;)  I wanted those boys to give me room, and plenty of it.


And I watch "The Bachelor" and enjoy it! I say make all the money you can off of that show, millions watch it. But for me right now, it's "The Bachelorette" and Andi's about to give out her final rose, Monday night. Stay tuned.

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I read a review of "Guardians of the Galaxy" from someone who saw a preview and he said it was likely to become this generation's "Star Wars." That it's that good. And will simply inspire and capture the imaginations of filmgoers who see it. It could very well be the biggest comic book movie of all time. Currently, the reviews at rotten tomatoes.com are at 100% positive—an unheard of feat!


Looking forward to it. And yes, Eric, it is indeed a different time. Commercials, film scores, TV shows—they're the biggest and best p.r. tool for an artist and seemingly the only way to get a song out to the masses. There is no MTV, no classic rock radio, no nothing. But to get one of your songs into a place which will not only generate income but be heard by millions? Hell, that ain't bad!



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I spent two hours on the phone with Kevin Spacey, years ago, while he desperately tried to convince me to let him use "ABM" in a film he was involved with. I always ask for a video of the scene, and the screenplay, before I agree to let one of my songs be used. In this case, as much as I love Kevin Spacey's work, I couldn't let him use "ABM" for the scene in his film. The film eventually came out titled "Swimming With Sharks", and the scene Kevin wanted "ABM" involved his assistant ( who he had completely abused, in every possible way ) tying him to a chair, and giving him " a thousand paper cuts." It was a REALLY dark comedy, but I couldn't let my song be associated with that scene, on the off chance that, if the film became a "hit" , people would think of that scene every time they heard "ABM." He pleaded, he begged, he wanted it really badly. I said "no."

I loved the film when it eventually was released. It didn't do much, but I think they ended up using "Close To You" by the Carpenters during that scene. Kevin was looking for the dichotomy of a really pretty, emotional song, juxtaposed against this horrible 'torture" scene. I loved talking him him for two hours, but I'm glad I didn't let him use it.

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Well Eric, You get to pick and choose.  Being the man you are, I know you wouldn't just go with anything to sell your work.


So looking forward to the GOTG movie and hearing more wonderful things from you. 


(I hate it when I get only one paper cut - ouch!)


Cayenne :)

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Being so very wise and holding onto your 'business man" capabilities with such "great" integrity, I myself never doubted your


decision making in the first place.........I am also very happy to say....."there's no where else BUT.....up, up, up from here"!.......


"So.....let's enjoy the ride"!



Warm wishes and many happening returns,




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