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Lew Bundles

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It has been about 7 years this past June since Sugarbabi7 passed away and we dedicate this post in her memory...


Recently, there was a round table discussion in heaven, orchestrated/moderated by three of our dearly departed posters...Sugarbabi7, Don Krider and wickedgail...They gathered some of the top minds in the afterlife to give their reasons why Raspberries were not bigger than they actually  were...


Here is a transcript of the proceedings:


SUGARBABI7-First, I would like to thank you all for coming...I am seated between two of my fellow esteemed posters, critic Don Krider and Raspberries/John Waite fan wickedgail...I have asked you all to prepare your reasons as to one of earth's greatest mysteries...Why were Raspberries not bigger than they actually were?...First up Albert Einstein...


AE-Thank you SB7...I have given the matter some serious thought and it just re-inforces my theory of   E=MC2...Eric equals mis-calculations( twice.)..It seems, that Eric cultivated a wonderful combination of musical ideology with his unique combination of British Invasion and Beach Boy stylings but it was a gross miscalculation...With all things being relative, and I am big on relativity theories, the time was past for that type of musical fodder...and when he finally had his solo opportunities, he miscalculated tastes again...His first two singles, although superb, All By Myself and Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, were another gross miscalculation on the current trends of the time...He, unfortunately, pigeonholed himself musically into an unappreciative musical genre and no matter how he tried to revamp to a harder edged style, in both cases, initial impressions are too difficult to overcome...


SB7-How do you feel about this Johnny Cochrane?


JOHNNY COCHRANE-I agree with Al...Your first impression is what sticks...Look, the defense had everything on OJ but a video of him committing the murder, but the jurors saw a football player and not a murderer...Eric...I'll tell you the same thing.that I told the court and I paraphrase..."If you have a hit, you must stick with the same shit"...But to be fair, I never even heard this dudes music...Can I hear something by him...Ludwig, bang out a little EC music...LUDWIG...LUDWIG!!!...


SB7-He's deaf, remember...


JC-Ok,,,Let me see a lyric sheet to one of his songs...I WANNA HEAR IT FROM YOUR LIPS...I axe you...What kind of jive is this?...He needed to change the words to a more contemporary meaning if he wanted street cred...Something like this...


"I'm doin 5 to 10...

For takin out some creep...

Doin time, for a crime and I'm proud

That I listened to my peep...


You see,someone robbed my cell phone...

From my gin, I took two sips,

Then I shot that( n-word) through the lips...


 SB7-Any comments? Isaac Newton?


ISAAC NEWTON-While I find that very entertaining JC, I dont think that's it...It was the whole RASPBERRIES thing itself...The name was all wrong...It should have been The APPLES...APPLES APPLES APPLES...Would I have discovered gravity if a raspberry had fallen from a tree?...NO...It had to be an apple...I wouldnt even had seen a raspberry if it fell...Would Johnny have had the same impact on history if he was Johnny Raspberry instead of Johnny Appleseed?...The Beatles recorded on APPLE records... An apple a day keeps the doctor away...Could you imagine saying to someone..."You're the raspberry of my eye"..And how about that poor bastard?...Would he have survived if William Tell shot a raspberry off his head? ...Just to reinforce my point, why doesnt someone go get Adam...He's in room 222 and ask him if he would have listened to Eve when she flashed some cleavage and said "Try a raspberry...They are delicious"...I could go on and on people...Do they roast a pig with a raspberry in his mouth?...


ROBERT MERTON- If I can interject something...Gentlemen and ladies, in 1948, I wrote about a theory I had which is the self-fulfilling prophecy...Raspberries/Eric Carmen were doomed in a self-induced sabatoge state with their song titles alone..."Going Nowhere Tonite, Boats Against The Current, Foolin Myself, etc...They needed some uplifting themes and messages...Why  couldnt they come up with some positive re-inforcement titles like, "Ecstacy" or aggressive assertiveness like "Tonight You're Mine"...Titles like that would have given them a strong positive approach...


SB7-They did Mr. Merton...And that's what's confounding...Well, that about wraps it up here...As you can see, we dont have any answers, either...So we turn this discussion back to EC.com and see if you guys have any theories...


LEW BUNDLES...Bye Gail, Don and Cherie...We miss you guys...

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Thanks for reminding me of these 3 dearly departed posters, Lew...sad to think that many of their posts and all of our p.m.'s from the old message board are lost.  What's not lost is your zany humor- so wrong, yet, so right- hilarious!! 

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Lew, Lew, Lew....

Where on earth do you come UP with this stuff?! LOL!! The way your mind works is quite a mystery! (ummm, yep - I think there is a compliment somewhere in there) :)

Sending condolences on the passing of your friends, they may be gone but certainly not forgotten.


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Another audible has been called (posting on this special thread):


Beautiful, creative and funny as heck Lew !  ... one of the best posts ever here (you dominate that list).


I didn´t know the other 2 so well, but Sugarbabi was tops, and the Soda Shoppe was a lot of fun.  The best to Kathy (wherever she is)...she was brilliant in the Soda Shoppe and on this site in general.


And Sugarbabi, keep up the good work with Isaac, AE etc ...up there in heaven.  We love you.



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Hi Lew,


Age limit: 19.  You are therefore rejected.  But at least now you have something in common with Diane as she has applied, and been rejected, 19,462 times.  She´s got spunk, she never quits.  Diane is actually  the little engine that....COULDN´T.




P.S.  it was the spirit of Sugarbabi that brought me on here to read this post.






Yours always,


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