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The Essential Japan Edition


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The Essential Eric Carmen Now on Sale in Japan


Japanese Edition was made with “Blu-spec CD2†technique.

“Blu-spec CD2†is an original technical skill of SONY MUSICENTERTAINMENT (Japan).

That has furthermore high-quality sound.


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Yes, I would REALLY like to know the answer to that one!!  Has it got something to do with restrictions here in the U.S.?  Proprietary issues that U.S. doesn't want to deal with?  Not enough of a market for it like in Japan?  What ? What?


I, for one, would like to be able to get a 3 inch REALLY good version of music CDs here without having to search all over the internet or having to order (UGH!! --- I HATE ordering stuff) something from overseas or outside of my local area.  The 3 inch size makes having a collection of music a little less cumbersome to have, and can be stored appropriately in a smaller amount of space.


Does anyone have the answer why?  Ms. Hossy, do you possibly know why?  :huh:




6  6


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I've always wondered that too. Back in the 70's when I was collecting, it seemed like the Japanese not only had the best albums, but also magazines. Germany ran a close second especially on the magazines. And, you could score big in the UK. Here...not so much.

Because of this, getting a Japenese penpal and/or a European one was an accomplishment as they were much in demand to help you get their versions of certain albums and magazines.

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Got the Japan "Essential" CD which costs $ 46 & change when I got it home delivery from Barnes & Noble in Midland, Michigan!!  When the song "Brand New Year" ends, there is 9 seconds of silence then "The Rock Stops Here" starts!!  The song "Long Live Rock & Roll" (Demo) is also another favorite that I liked!!  I couldn't decide on "Brand New Year" (original or Alternative Mix).  The CD jewel case is a little larger than the regular jewel case!!     Matt  

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They say that the Japanese CDs are so expensive than US or other countries.
Yes they are.
We should always buy those expensive CDs in Japan.

Then why Japanese CDs are expensive?
One of the reason, Japanese copyright cost is much more expensive than the other countries.

Because there is “The Wartime Period Extensionâ€

which extends the duration of copyright protection in Japan

for worker owned by a member of an Allied country(including the US)

as a way to compensate Allied copyright owners for the economic loss incurred in Japan

during a copyright extension for Allied works.

Actually I think it is not fair, the copyright extension is limited to Japan only, no German, no Italia.
Therefore Japanese record company need much more copyright cost to product foreign artists's CDs.

Another reason, many of us are not good at English or other language,
then we love to know the lyric and background ( how to make the songs or albums and so on).
Japanese record company put the lyric Japanese translation or liner note.
You know, “The Essential Eric Carmen†liner note has huge volumes…..50 pages! :) 

These are some reasons why Japanese CDs are so expensive.

Then Japan is BIG MARKET for Recording Industry.
According to “Recording Industry in Numbers 2013 â€(by IFPI),

Japan is the No.2 market , 4,422.0 Million Dollars(No.1 is US).
So foreign Recording Industry planned how to sell CDs in Japan,

They realized good idea! BOBUS TRUCK!
Many foreign record companies agreed to add some bonus trucks on Japanese CDs.

Even though we still believe it’s LOVE for Japanese fans(especially for Eric!!! :pray:  :heartpump: )

It is the story why Japanese CDs get gems in exchange for much more payment. :smart: 

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I really like to hear about the information that Aventurine is describing on this topic.  Understanding why things are done a certain way is very helpful, but I think too, like Aventurine mentions, why JUST Japan, why not Italy and Germany also?  Seems unfair treatment.


I think I'm kinda envious that some Japanese CDs get Bonus Tracks on them, but their U.S. equivalents don't.  And I also like the 3" size CD idea.  That would make collecting music CDs easier to put in space-saving storage containers or furniture cabinets.


AnneNR  :)

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Just received my copy of "Essential" from cdjapan.  I paid $27.74 for it and it was worth every penny.  This version is so much better than the domestic release and includes Foolin' Myself as one of several bonus tracks.  Personally, this track should have never been left off of the domestic release.  The two booklets are awesome!  The Japanese do such a better job from a recording and marketing standpoint than we do.


My question is.......who controls Arista's track selections for the import releases as compared to their domestic release?


Spend the few extra bucks for the import release and you'll never regret it!!! 



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