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New Wendy's Commercial: ABM

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God bless you Eric...A hit song is the gift that keeps giving...good for you...


OOPS!!!...I have my own financial plan now that I've retired...


Gotta run..I gotta redeem my coupon for 20 cents off Skippy peanut butter..and it expires tonite.. :)


Seriously...I gave the Turtles the idea for "Happy Together"...but I ain't seen a dime yet ;) ...OH Well...

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OMG!!!   This is the SECOND Wendy's commercial using the ABM reference, I just saw the other one today during the Oakland As VS. San Francisco Giants televised game --- she (the cute little redhead) walks into a theater marquee, I think, and you hear part of ABM until she gets up next to it.


Great stuff, to be so versatile a song it can be applied in other ways.  Way to go, Mr. Carmen!!!  :D




6  6



P.S. --- just saw it again while watching the BBC,  It was her walking along a wet, rainy sidewalk, and she almost runs into a lighted bus stop poster ad.  She is listening to ABM..... 9:05am PST 07-08-2014.

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I´m not a fan of taking old gems (like All By Myself) and diluting their majesty by sticking them in a commercial, changing the words to something silly, especially in a commercial that´s not very good.


We had this discussion here a long time ago re: other classic songs being re-used in advertising.  I remember Darlene making a good point that at least these commercials get the music out again to a new audience, etc.  And of course it is great that the artists can make some money, great for sure.


But having said that, I´m still not a fan. It takes something away from the integrity of the song...I think.   Larisa mentioned something like this with respect to the airport video.  I´m kinda with her on this.


Just a humble opinion from a humble dude,



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