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Lesley's Records


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I ALWAYS liked these records...BUT I was a kid..

Didn't know how beautifully they were produced...

Didn't know they were Quincy Jones's first early success...

Didn't realize how well they spoke...and still speak to this 63 year old kid..

Eric..in your words..would you say a few words about why you like Lesley Gore and her records?


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Claus Ogerman had alot to do with the great sounding recordings of Lesley Gore. He was the horn arranger.

Also, recall Lesley had a guest appearance as "Pussycat" on the Adam West Batman TV show of the 60's.

She sang two songs on the show.

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Several years ago I saw Lesley Gore at an appearance in New York City and managed to talk to her a little bit about Eric. Needless to say, she was supremely flattered.

I happen to think many of her hits are sugar-coated happy pills that never fail to make me smile.


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Another small story I would like to share with you all.......When I was in my early teens a friend and I had gone to the C.N.E....(Canadian National Exhibition).......Upon on journey there in one of the big coliseum's.....low and behold we also found out that the real Batman,( Adam West) and Robin, (Bruce Ward) were also there with the real Bat-mobile.....AND if that is not cool enough, I was also wise enough back then to have meet them both and even snagged their autographs.......However, through out the years of my travels, someone else discovered those autographs and either kept them for them selves or it was thrown out because on the return of some of my personal items returned back to me, THAT particular item was indeed, a miss.......But on a positive note, looking back on that past experience today, I still think it was so cool to have met the real McCoy's...... :)

As for Lesley Gore......another adventure had taken me to Nashville Tennessee, to the "Fan Fair" back in the summer of 1992. And although I never had  the opportunity to have met the lady she did perform at the Grand Ole Opry that night. She even sang one of her biggest hit songs that night....."It's My Party".......Looking back then, I had met, seen AND said hello to a lot of great country artists back then but......meeting Roy Acuff in his dressing room sure took the cake............ :) 


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Wonderful video, Ira!!

In the early pictures your video shows of Ms. Gore, she always had the quintessential "flip" hairdo that every female from grade school to golden years liked wearing.  She always looked so fashionable and in vogue.  I remember that episode from the Batman TV Series, too, and some moments she seemed to eclipse the fabulous Ms. Julie Newmar on camera.  ^_^


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