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This year's nominees and categories for "THE BERNIES" have been announced...

Lew Bundles


5 members have voted

  1. 1. The Best "MISSING" performance by a poster:

    • MISSING LBS...Ira
    • MISSING IN ACTION... Rockynrobin
    • MISSING HAIR...Tommy Tunes
    • MISSING THE POINT...Marvin
    • MISSING THIEF: The creep that attacked Muzza
    • MISSING YOU; John Waite

    • GADFLY...Birdy
    • REPUBLICAN ELEPHANT...Tony Cartmill
    • SHEEP...Muzza
    • MUZZA...Kiwi
    • HAND PUPPETS...Cayennegirl

    • The Supremes-BABY BABY,WHERE DID MY POUNDS GO?...Ira(Jenny Craig tribute LP)
    • Mary MacGregor-TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS...James(left hand or right hand)...
    • The Beatles-I'LL FOLLOW THE SCUM-Birdy(dedicated to Lew)
    • Dusty Springfield- WISHIN' AND HOPIN'-Darlene(The Darlene lama)
    • Marcie Blaine-I WANNA B-E ERIC'S GIRL...Cayennegirl
    • Super Bowl Winners-WE'RE GOING TO WENDYWORLD...The Seattle Seahawks

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Ok....how about a brief intermission just so I can share

a few photos from Weekend at Bernie's, including the first time Lew got to meet some of us...he thought we were "moonies"...remember THAT, Lew ?? You were so afraid of us........


let's see if I can do this.. ??? 










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Anne: If that's indeed the philosophy, aren't you feeding into it? I just don't understand it.

Birdy: I don't think you have a bad temper. And the song quote is awesome; it was written by a brilliantly talented man. :)



Paperdoll82 ---


Yes, you have that correct. 


But if you reverse your perspective, shouldn't it be if he KNOWS he is posting something that might get under someone's skin (I'm speaking specifically about those who find themselves in the list and Lew might have figured out how best to "diss" someone) --- why bother??  Why not just stick to the folks who won't be affected in that way?? 


I'm beginning to think that he thrives on getting negative reactions to feed his ego, as the complementary ones don't seem to be enough.  That's MY story, and I'm sticking to it.


And Lew, FYI, unless you are speaking of animals in the same vein as the aboriginal "three dog night" description of how cold it is, the sleazy beastiality inferences are not your best effort, and for my part, not funny. 


Take me off your ballet list, please.


Yep, this is AnneNR ANGRY --- I tried in good humor to address my discomfort with you, but you need a sledge hammer on the head it seems before you can understand.



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Okay folks, I know a couple of people here intimately or at least as a friend.

I posted the fight club jokes to have some fun and Marlene posted the pics to lighten the mood, but it's getting uncomfortable with the insults and negativity.

Not Cool!!

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Sorry the pictures are so small....I think if you click on them, it will enlarge them a little. What great fun WAB was....I'm up for another EC.Com reunion anytime !!  So many old friends I'd love to see, and so many of you that I really want to meet !!   :)


and sorry I didn't put names on the pictures, but let's see

1  Annie, Diane, Gina, and Lew

2  The Tunes

3  Lisa, Gina, Darlene, Diane, Ira, Bernie

4  Everybody...


5 Jim, Eric, and the EC.Com girls

6   Ira and moi

7  June, Jim, and Lobster Lvr (Dave)

8   Annie, two random guys (sorry, I am old and can't remember names too well) , and me

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.....And this really has nothing to do with anything, but why do people come here "anonymously" ?  I don't get it....don't want us to know you're here...or is it a function of how you sign on ?  Just curious.... :)

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I am still awol, but was prompted by another poster to come here to check out another thread, which I did.  Figured I´d look at this thread too as it was started by Lew...and that is normally a signal for great stuff to come. 


Anyway, I have a couple points:

1. I was laughing hard just reading the list of contests/contestants.  Lew you are genius, no exaggeration.

2. I was on the Muzza facebook threads.  Of all the posts (there were 100s), Lew put up the best one.  I was moved as heck.  He did not post it here, but it was very deep, wise and beautiful.  Great stuff.


So some of you don´t like Lew?....that´s ok.  I get that.  But you guys that continue to attack him are vexing.  I can only conclude that you guys are just mean people.  You seem to follow him around and get joy out of castigating him.  And castigating him for what? ..for bringing good humor to the rest of us?


Why others don´t come on here and blow these bad actors out of the water I don´t know.  But they are bad actors and need to be stood up to.  They do their thing here with impunity and THAT is why the site is shit now.  A community must stand up for its good citizens (Lew) when those good citizens are under unfair attacks.  And that is not happening.  Lew is virtually on his own. 


And the truth is these attacks go beyond unfair...it´s like these attackers are snakes looking for a place to let go of their venom.


So Lew, ..I have not always agreed with everything you have done here.  But overall I will say it is clear to me that there is not a better heart on this site than your´s.   And there is for sure not a better entertainer on this site than you.


Viva Lew Bundles! ..and (as a shout out to Tunes) "everything he stands for"!!..



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Lew ROCKS !!  (and so do you, James !)


I understand where you're coming from.....and not sure why this very strange stuff is happening here. In fact, I posted an apology to another member earlier today, because she was offended by a conversation that I took part in....somehow, my apology disappeared ?? Why ?  I have no idea....but what harm could an apology do ? So by removing it, all that happens is the person I was posting TO, may not know that I'm sorry I offended them. (thank goodness for PMs, but still.....you get my point, right ?)


There's a lot of distrust and scheming here these days, and good people are being bullied and hurt. It's certainly not the site it was several years ago....I'm not sure what changed.....but you're right, the fun is gone. 

I was messaging with another long time member about how we might bring people back again...but at this point...what are we bringing them back TO ? 

Insults and negativity, personal agendas?  It's a shame..because I've always loved coming here and being a part of this site. 


Having said all that, there are some wonderful people posting on the site now, and I really do remain hopeful things will get better....

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Miss a little, miss a lot, I guess. Not sure what has been going on again here in my recent absence, but apparently, like Sedaka, the fighting is back. I've played fantasy sports with Lew Bundles for nine years now, and despite that, I STILL met him in person last year and he was a great guy. I can make a joke like that because I know Lew will laugh it off and not take everything so personally. Like Marlene said above, there seems to be a lot of "distrust and scheming" going on here and people need to remember we are all here because of our love and passion for Eric's music and that needs to always be the number one priority of this site. The rest, (music, religion, sports, games, etc) all should be a distant second here, so everybody please try to lighten up and let's enjoy the fact that Eric contributes to the boards, we have a new song to enjoy by him, and we have a new CD of remixed material to enhance our listening experience. We also have a chance to make some new friends in our lives, of which I have made many since the early days here. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

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