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Showboat Closing


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Showboat is the second casino in A/C to close this year. The Atlantic Club shut down earlier this year, and The Revel is next to go. Also, the much-ballyhood online gambling has been so far a dismal failure. Once Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware approved casinos, it was only a matter of time for the Jersey joints to start falling apart.

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Yes, there will always be a wonderful memory of Raspberries music and good friends !!

Sad to hear....When we go to AC, it's usually to Resorts or Borgata...it's been awhile since I've been, but my favorite casino will always be Bellagio in Vegas.  I'm not a slot machine player....so, how can they set the machines "tighter"....is that against the law ? Don't they have to have a certain % of payouts ?  

Craps is my game... :)  

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Marlene: they can "tighten" or "loosen" the slots as long as the payout ratio is disclosed. Each machine can be checked if you know how to do it. Usually, the best slots are at the hard rock in Vegas. There are actually newsletters that keep track of such things. I rarely play slots-a sucker's game. If I'm going to Vegas I check the blackjack conditions for several places. As a rule, never play blackjack on the strip, the best conditions are downtown. I never stay where I play - if you happen to hit 'em good, they will search your room for your winnings or harass you with comps to keep you playing so you will eventually lose it back to them.

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Thanks for explaining that ! I really had no idea HOW things work with slot machines..I've just always seen signs/billboards for % Payout ! I wouldn't have the patience to read newsletters.... uh uh... :(

I'll just keep rollin' the dice and either come away REALLY happy, or broke ! No, seriously, I always set an amount I'm willing to lose and if it goes....I'm done. I've never had the nerve for blackjack....

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Those Atlantic City casinos have dug their own grave, certainly helped by the spread of gambling across the country.  Blackjack there was fabulous when they first opened, but after Ken Uston and others cleaned them out the rules changed and the odds became abysmal.

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