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Prayers for Redd, Please )-:

Mary Ellen

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Please think good thoughts about our friend Gina. 


Redd and I have texted each other every day now for almost a year and we've become very close.  She's an only child of a single mom who raised her, and she taken care of her sweet mom, Rose Marie, (RM) for almost as long as I've known her - which is to say an entire year. 


Through good days and many bad days, Redd has visited her sweet RM almost every day, rarely taking much time for herself.


Let's send Redd all of our love while she is taking such good care of her mom.


Much love and hugs,

Mary Ellen 

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To all my kindhearted ec friends....

To make a long story short, dear Cayenne posted the info (regarding my Mother's demise) in error. C-girl received a text from her cousin that said 'her Mother' had just passed away.

C-girl knows my Mother has been in decline for the past few years & her system is in shut down mode now.

Please save your kind posts for the future.


Many thx to all!

redd :)

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Dear Redd,


Blessings and the peace of our Lord and Savior Yeshua be upon you and your beloved mother at this time in both of your lives.  Abba Yahweh (God the Father) sees every tear, hears every word of prayer whether out loud or quietly within your thoughts --- I KNOW THIS WITHOUT A DOUBT from my own life --- so let the Comforter that Yeshua promised He would leave for us when He ascended to heaven infill your being, giving you the complete Shalom which passes all human understanding and allow Him to continue to guide your days to come.  Amen (fixed, certain, so be it).




6  6


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To :redd...........I have always said "strength in numbers". We are all here for you and my mailbox is always open 


to you or anybody else who might need a friend to talk with. My thoughts will be with you too.



Take care, my friend.





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Dear Gina,


It is indeed a lonely place inside us with the grief of losing a parent.


This may be something I, having lost my father to drowning in '79, or anyone else who has gone through the departing of a parent will be able to at least relate to you, in this time of sadness and grief.  But only you alone, knows how you are feeling, so I don't pretend to even remotely understand what it is you are experiencing.


It is different for every person, but because I have gone through my own experience, I can at least understand the difficulty in dealing with the emotional vortex this puts someone in.  In this small way, know that there are others ready to help you when you need them, for however long that may be, and in this way, you are not alone.  I grieve for the lonely part that only you yourself and our Heavenly Father can truly know how to handle.


I pray for your continued emotional strength and the peace amidst this storm that our blessed Savior and Lord Himself can impart to you.  Shalom to you, dear Gina, beloved daughter to a treasured mother.  May the Holy Spirit comfort and guide you in the days ahead.


With my sincere condolences,


Hebrews 11:1

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