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Sandy Linzer/Jersey Boy


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So I'm an unhappy kid raised(?) in a quasi-religiousJewish Orthodox household...

It's a little like being Amish..

Anyhoo..my mom was always excited learning that...Kirk Douglas..Jewish..Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/..Jack Benny..Milton Berle...Danny Kaye..Jerry Lewis...Jewish..

So I kinda inherited that quirk...gettin' excited to learn David Lee Roth etc. was a paisan..er..Lantzman..

SOOO..Rock and Roll radio was my salvation from this claustrophobic religious prison..

My first love...The Four Seasons...I had 16 of their 45's..

Somewhere down the line..I noticed a Jewish name co-writing such hits as "Dawn"  "Let's Hang On"..."Opus 17"...""Workin' My Way Back To You"..etc.

Many years later when I spent a brief time in sales..I was referred to sell to Sandy Linzer...

He was pleasant enough...

One cool ting he shared with me..was that  after his success with the classically inspired "Lover's Concerto" by the Toys...he mined that idea for the "Seasons' "Opus 17"..I thought it was cool to learn that tidbit..

Anyhoo..Again...Many years later I learn of the Raspberries experience with him..AND see him credited..(perhaps only 'cause he HAD to be) on your.."The Essential" and now  today seeing his name on the closing credits of the GREAT "Jersey Boys" movie...he was on my mind...

Eric...Do I remember you recounting that he tried to unpleasantly turn you guys into The Four Seasonal Raspberries?

Sorry if it awakens unpleasant memories..but I was curious to hear your "take" on this guy who had considerable success...but mishandled you guys..


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