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Siri-us-Ly The Choir


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COOL...Tonite at a little past 6:00..during his  second hour...Cousin Brucie played " THIS" on Channel 6.."60's on 6"..


 Cousin Brucie's Show is re-run on Sunday..


Check for start time for Brucie on Sundays..


I THINK it's 5:00 then as well which would mean 6-ish Sunday too!




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A very good song.  What a shame they had it recorded through Roulette Records.  Considering that infamous Moishe Levy owned the label, it's more than likely that the performers haven't received what is due them for this recording. 


This is only the second time I've heard this, and it still sounds so good.



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I got such a rush hearing this.....

Man.."Sirius" has seriously changed my life..so many special treats for children of the 50's 60's and 70's...

(BTW...It was also a rush hearing Dave sing "Cold" at Raspberries reunion shows..:)

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