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All By Myself Airport Viral Video Sensation

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OMG !!!!!!


Celine has REALLY let herself go . . . and that five o'clock shadow !??   ::yikes::   


Just how the hell long was she contracted to be in Las Vegas??  :excl:


AnneNR  :P


P.S. --  . . . was that an audition for Flash Dance in there, too ?  :unsure:

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My favorite, from one of the TV stations posting on Facebook:

Awesome 5 minute time-waster: Richard Dunn missed his flight and found himself all alone in the Las Vegas airport. He passed the time by making a video to "All By Myself": kng5.tv/1qum6Xm

Caution: Non-Celine Dion fans may want to mute this and turn up the Eric Carmen version.

:) :) :)


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I never liked Celine's sung version of "All By Myself". Not at all. BUT.....that's just my opinion. Perhaps that's because I already 


knew it was written and sung by Eric and the song,  still today sounds so much better sung by Eric himself.....However 


that video was done in all good fun and with humor......Thinking if there was to be any royalties or credit to be given.....they should 


still ALL go to Eric and nobody else because....in the end.....it is his song! BUT it's also nice to see it out there getting more publicity


anyways.... :grin: 




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As Cayennegirl said once,  Â«You might not always like some of the comments and discussions»

So surely you will not like what I say.


You asked me to remake video with original track.

Though it’s easy I will never do it. The reason is I do not like the funs in coub.com style. Maybe I’m too old and dull but I find it unacceptable making the fun of my favorite song that plays deep in my heart, very private and sacred.

BUT regardless of our opinions this great success of the song is positive moment!

The best thing we can do is tell the world in comments who is the author.

I did not see in vimeo any comment about the author. You can easily join vimeo using your Facebook account and start comments.

BTW I’ve searched and I’ve found this original track version, made by someone else.


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