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McCartney concerts postponed


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Anyone have any 'scoop' on this "illness/virus"? At first it was just a virus that had to get through his system....perhaps like a Montezuma's Revenge....then more shows cancelled...a hosptialization...now some US shows are re-scheduled?!? Something's up...this is not just a little virus.....hope the best for Paul....

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I heard Paul, and Tim Piper ( who puts on a John Lennon show), on Mother's Day radio broadcast,

talking about songs for that day. Tim played a few bars of Elvis's "Love Me Tender".

Paul sounded a little tired. maybe it started a month ago.

It might be one of those things that go out, but over a few months, instead of weeks.


There was something going around, and some people took two months or more, to recover.

Mine lasted over one month.

Usually, blowing my nose, especially after sleeping.

Then walking, swimming helped reduce the nose problems.

Sitting in the hot room, or steam room for a few minutes.

But bring water or an electrolyte drink, if you stay for 20 minutes in the steam room.

I do five minutes first in the steam room, then five in the hot room (Sauna room)

Or, just five to eight minutes in the hot room, a retired pharmacist told me.

Bring a towel with water on it, to breathe a little water into your lungs.

Because saunas dry our lungs.


Stretching exercises, to keep the body moving, at least once per day.



I changed up my diet with all greens mixed healthy drinks.

For salads, changing to balsalmic or vinargarette dressing, for the best blood circulation.

As we get on in life, we don't digest food as well.

So we can add enzymes that add that, naturally, with papaya, mangoes, or pineapple in the mornings.

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He was told to rest up a bit.

And he is xcheduled to perform again, July 5th, for the US part of his tour.


It was a mysterious illness, but a little more rest, and he will be rockin' again, he said.


He was joined by wife Nancy, who had been celebrating her cousin Barbara's retirement.

Stell also came along.

After they got back, someone said Paul and Nancy took a jaunt to Abbey Road,

for photo's with the fans.

And rompning around, having a good time with friends.


I made a typing error above, that should be Stella.

But I like Stell, too.

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Cheryl,    so jealous you are going to see Sir Paul!    :insane:    I tried so hard to get a ticket to his Dallas show but they sold out so fast it made my head spin.    I refuse to purchase tickets from a scalper.     Enjoy that concert ....  October right?



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I have been reading this thread, and it makes me wonder about if Paul McCartney has been diagnosed correctly, I hope they haven't missed anything to check him for.


Gosh, I don't have any plans to see a Paul McCartney concert this year, but it is a bit concerning that Mr. McCartney can't seem to shake this whatever it is --- I would prefer not to lose this ex-beatle just yet.  He's got so much vitality in him and humor, especially when he goes on TV programs like The Graham Norton Show . . .


Just as a side note, I hope there is some way that Mr. McCartney can get the song catalog back that Michael Jackson managed to purchase ... is it still part of MJ's estate???   I would love to hear that the original songwriter got the legal rights to his own songs back.




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For anyone trying to get Mccartney tickets(or tickets to any other sold out show)...here's a tip...keep trying ticketmaster every few days...Tickets always pop up for sale after a show is sold out...For a variety of reasons...


One of the main reasons: venues hold back a block of seats for the band, security, press, etc...As the date gets closer to the actual event, they start to finalize the number of tickets that they will actually need and release the rest...

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