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Recommendation: The Grip Weeds

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Hello...just thought I'd throw a great recommendation for all fans of Raspberries, Beatles, Beach Boys, 60's style rock, power pop etc etc...


There is a great band out of New Jersey called The Grip Weeds. They have been around for a few years, but they continue to put out great new music and are featured on Sirius Satellite Radio on Little Steven's Underground Garage show. Their most recent album is called 'Inner Grooves'. If you are into the music I tagged, you will absolutely love The Grip Weeds....who says great new rock n roll is dead? With a little searching, you can find it, it's out there...just not in the mainstream anymore. Check out The Grip Weeds....

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I am n to saying that there is another rock n roll movement brewing in NYC like back in the mid to late 70's with the CBGB's era and all that....but I get down to NYC every few months and there are a lot of great rock n roll bands playing in the clubs etc. Great rock n roll and the Grip Weeds are one of them. On any given weekend you can find a club somewhere in NYC where great power pop/rock n roll is played live !  Rock n roll has pretty much been dead in the mainstream / top 40 for a long while now..here's hoping the music we love comes roaring back real soon !! Gotta get those tweeners and teenagers into the rock again !!!!

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