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Hello from New Member, New England Chapter!

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Hello, I am, for the purposes of this forum, 'Rory'. Glad to be a new member here at Eric's site. Looking forward to learning, reading, chiming in on occasion and perhaps actually hearing from ZEE MAN himself some day. I heard about this forum from the Steve Hoffman Music Forum (if any of you have ever been there). All the best to you all....and take care...Rory in New England

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On 6/6/2014 at 2:28 PM, Cayennegirl said:

Rory, You might not always like some of the comments and discussions but you'll love being here - promise!  ;)

No problem...I am sure I will enjoy it...I'm not a 'bomb thrower'...so knowing me, I will quietly read the bizarre stuff and stay out of the fray ! But I look forward to the postitive things and learning more about one of my fave musical artists of all time....thanks...shine on.

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Rory Storm 1960----

Come on in!!!  ^_^

Never boring, and a lively bunch to say the least.  I've only been here a very short time, but I can truly say there is a lot of passion amongst the members.

If you ever get a chance to pop into the "Nobody Knows" section, please participate in some of the song games there, I just love picking people's brains for their song knowledge.  Remembering song titles and albums helps me to build a CD collection that I haven't been able to do for decades (making up for lost time), so please, don't be shy, at least try some of the games!! :lol:


6  6

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You are so welcome, Rory! Ummm, BTW, congrats on joining ec.com :D Meeting another music lover is always very cool, as we all have that common bond.

We look forward to your posts....


redd :)

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A great name! We're all lucky to have heard music of all genres. If we could all sit at a big table, we could share so many stories.

If that's you in the photo, bring on the songs. There are many music fans from around the world, who stop in to read.

Wally still writes, Kay says. He writes poems and songs. He is retiring, in a few years. So, he will be more available to record new songs. Kay says she will push him.

Eric has the new album, and wally is featured there, also. Jim still plays Not sure what Dave is up to.  But, he likes the great Country Music, which has become very popular, with Rock N' Roll, etc.

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