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*HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lovely Larisa*


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My dear friend Larisa,

Happy birthday to someone that is as lovely on the 'inside' as well as the 'outside'! You deserve the very best life has to offer. My wish for you is good health, happiness and prosperity.

I value your friendship for many reasons and I hope all your birthday wishes come true <3


redd :)

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Happy birthday to you!


I wish I could repay the gift that you gave me and everyone else with your "Sunrise" video. It is as beautiful as Eric's music and lyrics.


Be safe, happy and healthy.



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To my little adopted Ukrainian sister, I'm so thrilled we've had the opportunity to share our universal love of Eric's music and our hopes and dreams. 


Wishing you a great day and l know everyone here loves our little technology chick.  :)


:birthday:   http://youtu.be/T2hvkPyiAFE  This is for you my friend.




Big hugs,

Mary Ellen

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Happy Birthday  Larisa !!! :)

I wish You everything, what You wish to Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And one of the best presents would be :  to meet Eric some day..., look at his incredible eyes........   hold his ... hand.......(I know, I know ..... it is not possible, but we can dream ....)

Love You,  Natalia

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