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Concert Etiquette?#@! Or am I just getting old!

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I went to see Rod Stewart in Pittsburgh last night.  I've been going to his shows for over 30 years and thought he still put on a great show.

It was the audience that I couldn't stand! The majority of the crowd was older.  The row in front of us had that "one" person that had to stand the whole time while everyone else was sitting.  She never looked around to see if she was in anyone's way and didn't sit down during any part of the show.    I have no problem with standing and dancing at a concert.   I've stood the whole time when I've had floor seats and knew that everyone else was up.      There were people a few rows behind that did not stop talking the entire show.     Then there were the people in the middle of our row who had to  get up a few times during the show to get alcohol.   The most irritating thing to watch were people walking to their seats before and during the show carrying trays of food!!!    Not just chips and salsa.   People had burrito's and pizza boxes.    I guess Pizza Hut has a stand in the arena and we saw pizza boxes everywhere after the show.       People were walking down the steps to their 10th row floor seats  with a lot of food while Rod was singing.   It's not a movie people!!!   Can't you go two hours without food!!!!   Watch the show!!!!!   Stay home!!!!

We had gone to see Green Day a couple of years ago at the same place and didn't know what to expect from the crowd since most of them were probably 25 or more years younger than us.   We were really surprised....we didn't notice any of the above and after the show everyone was courteous while leaving.

Anyone here have the same bad experiences at concerts or am I just getting old!!!!

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I LOVE Rod Stewart!... :D I had seem him play live in Toronto many years back when the stadium I had seen him perform in,  at the time was 


still called "Maple Leaf Gardens"....I had floor seating, gold seats!....That show was awesome and Rod rocked!.....Myself, I am not one


who likes BIG crowds like THAT, however, that show was a hit and it went off well with no problems there. I had also gone to a "Paola's/


Carol Pope" concert and that too was excellent, however  "Supertramp"....THAT show as far as 


the audience goes, took the show! There was the terrible essence of pot


and everything else you could think of in the air and....THAT too was some years back! Not to also mention people were standing up and


jumping up and down and dancing all around. There were even people who were also propelled up, litterally sitting on people's shoulders


making the view of the stage almost impossible.....BUT when you have a big crowd, enjoying themselves, because after all, that's what we


are there for, I think some times people also get so into the concert they seem to forget to be courteous of everyone else!........ <_<




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It sounds more like you went to a sports event rather than a concert. (I attended a few baseball games, and it sounds similar, except that one doesn't need to pay that close attention as you do to someone singing,-- ball games have instant replay available -- so some rude or discourteous fan habits are tolerated).


You kinda have to wonder about the venue site itself, too, that they think they need more revenue coming in (I assume they get a percentage of what food vendors take in ??).  There is part of the problem, not that they offer food, per se, but that they issue boxes of whole pizzas instead of just slices.  If they did just slices, that would defuse some of the vision obstruction taking the product to the seats and the discarded boxes in the aisles instead of IN a recycling bin.  Does the venue even consider any of this when they plan a concert ???


The one common denominater, though, is that you have to have people who are interested in EVERYONE having a good time instead of being in a "It's All About Me" bubble, ignoring that there are others present, and you are not at home where you can do anything you please.


To me, if you have like a day on the green, then stacked people, impromptu dancing, raucous clapping and yelling with the music is par for the course.  But if I have paid for seating, there are certain unspoken expectations I have as a concert goer.  Here are some of my pet peeves for concerts like you have mentioned here Iwannabebymyself ---



I'm here to actually HEAR someone else, not your infants or children in an inappropriate venue for them.  Get a sitter or wait for the show to be released on TV or DVD--just DON"T bring your kids!


( 2 )   NO HOG TROUGH FEEDING FRENZIES     Yes, I'm talking about those who think just because the food and drink is available, that you feel the need to "stage" a course by course long drawn out meal event when most of us are here for the music.  You're getting up and down, squeezing past several people interrupting their watching and listening enjoyment --- AND --- REPEATING THE PROCESS BACK AND FORTH MULTIPLE TIMES is just plain stupid and inconsiderate to others.  If you need that many food runs then you need to stay home near the Frig or eat an actual meal before you go to the concert.  Why can't you just buy one reasonable selection and one beverage that doesn't involve elbows and appendages adjusting position at the detriment of those around you???


( 3 )   NO CELL PHONES OR TALKING LOUD WHILE THE PERFORMANCE IS GOING ON      Cell phones have become such a convenience that people get "entitlement" issues about their beloved cell phones.  Put your phone on vibrate, and place it on a spot  on your body to where you will feel it.  It is easy enough to check AFTER it has gone to voice mail if you think it might be an emergency or someone you just simply can't let wait until after the concert to speak to. AND BY THE WAY---IF YOU DECIDE YOU HAVE TO ANSWER IT ---  GET UP POLITELY AND LEAVE AS DISCREETLY AS POSSIBLE AWAY FROM THE CROWD TO DO IT !!! 


( 4 )   NO HOLDING UP LARGE SCREEN DEVICES DURING THE PERFORMANCE    "Entitlement" issues --- AGAIN!! You obstruct the view from several angles doing this in trying to get the show on video for yourself.  Enjoy the show, stop interrupting the experience of those around you by trying to get an iPad moment.


( 5 )   YOU PURCHASED A SEAT --- USE IT !!     If this is a concert you just feel sooo into the performance that you want to, need to, stand up the entire time THEN GET A LAST ROW SEAT !!  No matter how nice you think your derriere might appear to others, I did NOT pay money to come view it up close and personal directly in front of my face.  Be considerate and polite --- stand and clap with others at certain times when others are doing the same, or even just a few times for a moment or two by yourself --- BUT FOR GOSH SAKES USE YOUR SEAT AND SIT ON IT !!!


( 6 )    QUIT DOING THINGS THAT BANG UP AGAINST THE BACK OF MY SEAT    Kneecaps,  heads leaning too far forward, foot or feet up on the armrest in front of you, hitting the legs of my seat, ANYTHING that jostles, bangs, hits my seat is an unwelcome interruption to something I paid money to come see.  Your personal freedoms only go as far as it infringes on the freedoms of others in a social gathering.  If you are that fidgety --- why would you want to attend a concert involving being still a fair amount of the time???  Your attention span is not where it needs to be for this type of event.  


. . .  these are the immediate ones that come to mind.  Like I stated, unless a person is concerned about EVERYONE having an enjoyable experience, we will always have those who are in their own little bubble in public, whether driving, using etiquette for cell phones,  in a restaurant with unruly youngins, and  the list goes on.  People, no matter what culture they come from, need to learn to edit out their bad habits or modify their ill manners or behaviors.


Just my opinion of exasperation.



AnneNR  :angry:

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I think about the disabled people in the audience who can't always stand through the whole show or stand at all. It's fine to enjoy a concert seated. Chair dance if you want, clap your hands, sing along, and stand during the encore, but give those whose view will be blocked a chance to see most all of the concert that they paid for.

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August '74, municipal auditorium in Atlanta. (I know, your getting sick of me always writing about that concert) After a few songs, Eric basically tells us in a nice way to get off our asses and clap, dance, "anything". Some did. At 15, I was too self conscious. The stage was high so the 5 of us could see just fine.

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I'm always up for interacting during a performance when it seems good to do, especially if the performer(s) invite you to do so --- Jimmy Buffett is a good example of this, just don't sing a verse ahead of him!!! ---and he'll sing his heart out for ya (hubby loves this guy! :) )  




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I've been to countless concerts of all genre's of music over the years, so I've certainly dealt with everything mentioned so far. As I've gotten older I don't mind paying more to get very good seats for most of the shows I attend. I will always make a point to say hello to any nearby ushers and/or security just in case I may need help taking care of a pet peeve of mine - I call them "infiltrators". People who think it's ok during a show to make their way down to better seats and squeeze in where they can. I have no problem quietly signaling either an usher or security to escort them away. I don't care if it's a local celebrity, a cute girl, or just some goofball - I paid for my seat area so go away!


I agree about the phone thing too. There are people that hold their phones up to take pictures or video during an entire show - Why are you even there?! Give me back the days of people throwing around frisbees and holding up their lighters!



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