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Monkees DON'T Swing :(


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Caught Monkees last night...


Micky is INCREDIBLY talented...Mike is a hell of a songwriter...(See "Joanne" and "Different Drum")..Peter is a fine instrumentalisst..


BUT..No banter.. <_<


(Methinks they're trying to STILL show they're a serious band.


Hey guys it's almost 50 years...Enjoy your  Icon-ery!!)


TOO much "Head" and "Headquarters"..


And while ALL older bands carry young folks doin' "Overdubs"...they were  like 3 guys doin' their solos with most of the harmonies comin'from their backup musicians..while Mike..Micky or Peter did a lead.


AND..weird juxtaposition of T.V. clips of their fun  silliness (except when clips were psychedelia from "Head" and such) ..while  schmoozing and smiling very little on stage.


Very musically competent but not joyous..


Feel free to disagree...


( BTW Did "Daydream Believer"..appropriately..a little wistfully..but had no one cover Davey's "Valerie"..and "It's A Little Bit Me..It's A Little Bit You"..)


I DO understand that there was no way they could have made us FORGET this .. :P



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ok...I'm.curious to see your review...


HEY..I realize that in putting a show together...There are a zillion ways you can go...AND....


"I'm On The Outside Looking In"...


Glad I was there but  I felt it coulda been better..

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I keep coming back to something Micky Dolenz said in his autobiography: The four of them had nothing in common and were cast for the show. There was no natural forming of the band, like The Beatles, Raspberries, Rolling Stones,etc. They missed out on the opportunity to form the camaraderie that comes naturally for band members who work their way through the business.

Think about it: In what world would a theatrically trained actor, a former child TV star, a Texan with a flair for country rock and a Greenwich Village folk singer come together naturally? Without the show, they likely would have never met.

That said, I absolutely love them and am so sad they'll be nowhere near here. And I, too, think it's unfortunate that Nesmith didn't join back up until Davy's passing.


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From what I remember reading, he tried to distance himself from The Monkees through all of the '70's and most of the '80's. The four reunited in 1997 and put out an excellent LP called Justus in which they played all the instruments (like on Headquarters). He agreed to this only if a TV or movie deal was involved. Mike toured with the band in England in '97 & reportedly was ripped apart by the press over there ( mostly about his playing). The criticism was absurd- check out YouTube and see that he sounded great! Mike was so stunned that he backed out of a US tour which led to many issues within the band. Davy's death & his subsequent open communication again with Micky & Peter led to talks about reuniting. A shame that is what it took to resolve differences. Mike's son is in the band as well as Micky's sister which probably makes things much more enjoyable for them.

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