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"Almost Summer"


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Memorial Day"...the UNOFFICIAL start of summer...


Pools open!!


Summer Blockbuster Movie Season starts...


And to celebrate...!!


A "Lost Hit" by Mike Love's short-lived project...a group called "Celebration!!1


Happy Memorial Iay!!!-Ira.




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Cute Ira!


Summer to me means lots of the water from the melting snow comes down to the mouth of the MS river, and we below-sea-level-types spend the summer running from hurricanes and hoping the river won't overtop its banks...


but other than thhhhhaaaattt...I'll just hang around in the air conditioning, drink mint julips, and go see the first summer movie on my list --Godzilla--


Best of all, this summer my son moves back from D.C. to N.O.   YAY!


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SUMMER means hiding inside the house with the AC....97 degrees with 100% humidity.....no thanks.....Florida in the winter time is great, but I hate the summers, I do not go to the beach, sitting in a chaise lounge baking in the sun is not my idea of relaxing, besides too much sun is bad for the skin....I guess I'm a "Debbie Downer"

On the bright side, Hubby and I will be moving back to San Diego in 3 years when he retires....WOOHOO..Seaport Village is calling me :)

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I completely understand Shelley. 


One summer upside for us still working folks is school is out...and the driving is easy. 


I have very pale skin with natural light freckles.  I did my share of bikini wearing and trying to tan when younger, but now the kind of beach I really like to be on other than something at the Northern CA coast is the Irish Sea.  :)  


Here's a big dose of how the summertime feels here in N.O.


Same song, but different fantastic artists:




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With the exception of the late Ms. Janis Joplin (nope, still not a fan --- but gave it a listen anyway just in case) this is a great line up, with my favorite being Ms. Nora Jones!!!  Thanks for the post. ;)  :)


P.S. -- Cayennegirl, while checking out Nina Simone, I also checked out her version of "House of the Rising Sun" and it was really good, blew me away 

(I think if memory serves me correctly, the song was written by Bob Dylan, and the original lyrics were changed for Eric Burden and the Animals' more commonly known version, it was intended to be sung from a female view, not male)




6  6


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