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GREAT Eric But Not Eric Songs


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Eric...and friends...

The youtube below  (besides "She Did It")...is IMHO the best Beach Boys song NOT by the Beach Boys..

What do you consider the best GREAT Eric/But Not Eric (and/or NOT Really Raspberries) song ?...(meaning a tune obviously inspired by your (Eric's) work ..

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Hey, Sid --- I know that one!! 

My daughters all liked watching "Three Men and A Baby" and the sequel "Three Men and A Little Lady" multiple times.  One of these movies has that song in it during the ending credits, I think. 

I hadn't given much thought back then in the late1980s about who was influencing who, but since Ira has asked for examples---your example does seem like something Mr. Carmen could have done back then.  Good choice! :)


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Thanks AnneNR.  I didn't know who "Boy meets Girl" was until I downloaded the video.  I thought they were another U.K. flavour of the month pop band until I found out George Merrill was a serious songwriter from the USA who has written two top hits for Whitney Houston. Eric must have factored in his musical life. Both are tenors, both are classically trained pianists and both consider themselves popular songwritters.  If you fall into those three categories, then eric Carmen is your "Ray Charles".

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