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Question for Eric


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Have greatly  enjoyed "Essential". It has been in car player for three weeks now. I can tell a huge difference in sound, and packaging is first class. I know portions of the Boats album was recorded at Beach Boys Brother Studio and I know you opened some shows for them in mid seventies. I always thought you would have been a superb choice for them to invite you in as a member. It would  have provided a much needed creative jolt for them (similar to what Walsh brought to the Eagles) and would have been interesting to have seen what a Carmen/Wilson (maybe Carl or Dennis) collaboration would have looked like. Is that something you would have considered if asked?

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Well, it certainly would have been an intriguing idea. Obviously, I LOVE The Beach Boys, and during the course of touring, I had a lot of interaction with Carl and Dennis. I've since met Al Jardine a number of times, and all of them were great. Bruce has an amazing falsetto and we worked together on "Boats."


Carl was an absolute "angel" who would give you the shirt off his back, and, contrary to Dennis's "bad boy" reputation, I found him to be very kind and sincere. He actually used to stand in the back of the hall during our set, and give me his critique of our sound mix, afterwards.


I love the songs so much, I just might have considered it.

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Here here FSalter !! I'm with ya...I know you posted this back in April...but I'm a newbie and am doing a lot of back reading ! Man, I'd give one of my copies of Side 3 on vinyl (just kidding)...to see Eric on concert. Missed out on the 'Berries reunion back in 04-07. Saw they were playing in NYC...but, like a fool, I waited thinking, "Oh they'll definitely hit Boston soon."  Not one of my better decisions in life. Should've made the 3 hour drive from beantown. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day he'll do a mini-tour or something...shine on.

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