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It's Record Store Day!


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Get up early and let the quest begin! Only 2,000 copies of this baby have been pressed and sent to your local record store. Check to see if they'll have it and hit Dunkin' Donuts on the way to collect your valuable collectible. A great way to promote those plastic round thingies that have music in their magical grooves, no?


Oh, and for incentive, here's a little teaser of "Brand New Year (Alternate Mix)"—can you say, "OMG! I need to drop everything I had planned today to rush out and find one of these babies!" Willie Wonka golden ticket, anyone?





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And.........Just in case you couldn't tell from the "teaser' Bernie posted, for  the "Alternate Mix" of "Brand New Year", we removed the drums, bass, horns and percussion, leaving the piano, the lead and background vocals, and a tiny little bit of the strings.


That's it! It's basically my original demo, with the background vocals added. 





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Holy cow!  I scored a copy of the 45!  Had to wait until I got off work...called Salzer's in Ventura- they had 2 copies- first come, first served, so I drove like a maniac down the 101, screeched into the parking lot, and jumped out of the car.  There was an entire wall of 'Record Store Day' items, and I had the adrenaline flowing just like a teenager waiting for that next release of Raspberries or Eric Carmen on the first day of the release!  I haven't experienced that feeling for awhile.  Fun stuff!  That is, until I couldn't find the 45 ::yikes::  I scrambled, I had chameleon eyes going every which way.  I couldn't find the record at all!  Finally, I found an employee who said, "Oh, we've been moving stuff around- could be over...THERE!  Sure enough, 2 copies.  I scooped both up before he had lowered his pointing arm, only to be told, "Sorry, one per customer on 'Record Store Day'.  I said, "What if I come back with an eyeglass, mustache and nose disguise?"  He looked at me like I was nuts, until I mentioned that I'm already wearing one :haha:  Oh, and they're NUMBERED COPIES!  I grabbed one, discovered the number, and went back to look at the other.  Since it is a vinyl pressing, I opted for the lower number, which was copy #160.  Surprisingly, the other copy was numbered something like 2459, which I thought was a little strange since I thought I read that it was a 2000 copy run!?!


So, how does it sound?  Eric tipped it off;  Eric's voice with backing vocals and strings.  Sounds even more Brian Wilsonish on this version, if that's at all possible!!  Great record!!!


I feel like I hit the jackpot once again, with a vinyl copy of "Starting Over" live on the flip side, my favorite track from "The Essential".  I probably would have driven to L.A. to score a copy of this record, but was glad I found it within 15 miles of my house.  I have to make another trip to Ventura on Tuesday.  I'm hoping my other copy will still be there.  I'll let you know if I score copy # 2000+.


Great day to be an Eric Carmen fan.  Let the auction begin :spin:   

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I took Bernie's advice and ordered through Vintage Vinyl. Two days later number 2677. So the run appears to be more than 2000..maybe 3000? Great looking package. Congratulations Eric and everyone involved. Now I've got to bring out the turn table and listen to this gem.

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Thought I would bump this one up...it's been a year since the "Brand New Year" 45 was offered for 'Record Store Day'. I was super excited to score not one, but two copies of this gem, which featured an acoustic version of "Brand New Year" as well as a flip side of "Starting Over" live! With Eric's girlfriend learning Pro Tools, can we expect some more excitement in the days ahead? I hope so!

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