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Not sure how many people caught this last week but it was a wonderful exploration of the music of the DC5. Over the top comments from Springsteen and his band, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Sir Paul, Gene Simmons and others. Great archival film.


A real DC5 love fest. The show plus hours of extras is coming to DVD/Blu Ray next month.


Sprinsteen and Little Steven claim the production techniques that Clark used have not and can not be duplicated to this day.


You mean stomping your feet in the stairwell with mics setup to record :)


Max Weinberg claims 20 out of 25 songs he plays for Bruce in concert are riffs taken from Dave Clark.




Clark has a autobiography coming soon. One does wonder if Clark will use that as an opportunity to come out of the closet. The clip with him and Freddie Mercury brought a tear to my eye. He was with Freddie as he passed on (Freddie that is).

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Missed that show, but the DC 5 was a great band. I always felt that they were the only band ( in early-to-mid 1964) that gave The Beatles some serious competition (artistically). Boyce & Hart patterned "Theme from The Monkees" from Catch Us if You Can".

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While I enjoyed the show, I thought they could have done with a little less "fan memories" in the first hour, which seemed like filler to me. There was some great unseen and behind the scene video, however, that was tremendous to view. I also thought that the show was mainly about Dave Clark, rather than the entire band, as advertised. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd have liked to learn more about the others, too. I think it was awful how the RRHOF made them wait to get in, as singer Mike Smith died before entry and I feel they should have had something about that. I recall writing the Hall complaining on his behalf as he was dying, as many other did, too. Over all, really good show and I look forward to the DVD release with extras.

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