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Record Store Day (4/19) - Coming Soon!

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Passing on some helpful intel for anyone looking to nab a copy of Eric's special vinyl single on Record Day:
Just a head's up on the Record Store Day 7" for those who aren't familiar with the event.
You can only get this release at an independent record store. (Not all indies participate) Check with your local shop to see if they do participate.
Here's the real important part.. They only pressed 2000 of these, so there is no guarantee that if your local shop is participating that they will get it, or, if they did get it that it will still be there later that afternoon.
My advice from experience is to find the participating store, find out what time they open that day then get in line EARLY with the rest of the RSD faithful and hope they have it.
Hope this info was helpful. Good luck!!
Jim Pompa
Soundcheck Records
23 Broadway
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
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For people in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,& Pennsylvania:   The Exchange record stores are going to be participating in Record Store Day. Not every store will get every artist release but they are participating. I got that from an inside source that works at one of the stores.

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