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My Own Review of "The Essential"

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Nothing wrong with still being a bit of a geek!  I watch the History channel and the new Cosmos with Neil de Grasse Tyson quite a bit.





Yes, JF is great (hence Ira/my JF continuing topic :).)


Johnny was the king of nightly t.v. for a generation(s). I along with many here grew up watching him through good times and bad.  JC made ground-breaking television I personally won't forget.


Mike is right because your beginning line of ABMS has been played many times recently, so it appears JF is a fan of yours too.  Cool!!


Colbert is awesome but like you said, apples and oranges.  I'll probably switch back and forth between them because I watch Colbert Report now...SC will need to drop a bit of his t.v. persona to host.



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